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    stan jones

    Well dine James


    6 out of 7 today!! And a double up with Stans matches. Hope you were on at least 1 of them today to secure your required level of profit!!

    Go again tomorrow!!🏇🏇🏇🏇


    Best bets for me today are

    3.25 N Codicil
    3.50 A Reverend Jacobs
    4.10 H Calder Prince
    5.40 N Nuns Walk
    6.20 K Roaring Lion
    7.20 K Symbolization
    7.50 K Poetic Charm

    Matches with Stan in the 6.20 and 7.20 at Kempton.

    Good luck everybody.


    stan jones

    Here are my selection
    1.40 chief justice
    2.05 odyssa
    6.20 roaring lion
    6.35 magical effect
    7.20 symbolization


    Yeah another good day Stan! 4 from 6 – hopefully same again tomorrow!!


    stan jones

    James 5 out of 6wrte in my other system selection 4.00 was only one not in there also two of your 4 selection were also I’m my selectoon ill keep eye on tjis



    2.30 @ H is Ginbar not Gunnar!!

    Predictive text!! 🙈


    Best bets today are

    2.10 S Runasimi River
    2.30 H Gunnar
    3.20 Sa Clairette
    4.00 H So Beloved
    5.10 S Boy in A Bentley
    5.40 Ch Hikmaa

    Good luck everybody.


    Morning all,

    Best bets for today are

    1.50 L Ejayteekay
    2.50 L War at Sea
    4.40 Ch Priors Brook
    5.25 L Hindsight

    Good luck everybody.


    Got the answer to my question regarding Bombay – thankfully Juliet Foxtrot does the business in second race!!


    Morning everybody. Sad to see Paul H leaving to add to a growing list of people with valued contributions. Thanks for the input Paul over the months and weeks gone by.

    Also Paul if you’re still around I would be interested in that free ratings website you mentioned. If only to cross check for myself.

    Best bets for me today are:

    1.50 H Bombay
    2.05 G Juliet Foxtrot
    2.50 H Gettysburg Address
    3.25 H Brian Boranha

    Should I be concerned that Bombay is also the BBOTD!!!😕

    Good luck everybody.


    Best bets today (no originality)

    1.50 W Take Me With You
    2.00 B Daybreak
    2.10 R Mokaatil
    4.40 R Gakku


    Best bets today are

    2.45 W Solatenif
    4.15 W Winford
    5.15 W A Bold Move

    Good luck everybody


    Best bets today are:

    2.15 NA Tempestatefloresco
    4.50 H Humble Gratitude
    6.00 H Whatsthemessage
    6.20 Ch Tarnhelm

    Good luck everybody


    Hi John
    90 minute strategy is well detailed in the strategy page.
    It is very popular and used by lots of people so I’m sure somebody will be able to offer some help and support.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 742 total)

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