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Won £14,875 from 1 Lucky63 Bet.... Need I say more, Can't thank you enough

Hi Matt ,

Away from the forum site !!

I always read your pre bet stuff about take it easy and Dutch and don't bet - but today like most days i read past it and on to the ratings !!

As you know I play 1st rated most of the time and use them in lucky 63 !!

50p each way - £63 stake !!

Today I picked my 6 and 5 of them won !!

This wasn't just any 5 though , these were big odds 5 - it returned £14875.00 which included best odds guarantee !!!

This is the 4th time I think that I have won big , I thank you from the bottom of my heart mate !!!

Forget those who write and give u shit , u will never get that off me !!

This sum of money really is going to be life changing for me !!!

Thanks mate and keep up the good work !!!


(Remaining Anonymous)
Founder member

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