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    Bill Stirling

    Hi Errol,
    Welcome to TPS. For strategies go to Forums, then down the left listings to STRATEGIES, reading back over a few months. Don’t use the Strategies tab in the top header line; that goes nowhere. There are some within the top tab labelled RESULTS. Wait for them to load, they’re a bit slow. Also in the forum page there are subjects with members’ name, like Carl. Some of these outlined their strategies in their early pages so go back 40 or 60 pages maybe, or to their start to find them. If things get difficult to find email Matt or Jason for more help.
    The Matched Ratings by Richard are very good, plus the Irish ones. Some strategies also get mentioned in the Members’ Tips part of the forum. Again, you need to read the earlier posts. Try to ignore all the spelling errors and bad punctuation. It doesn’t get any better.

    Good luck.



    Hi there I’m Errol
    I’m new this week and was wondering if any of you guys and girls could give me a few popular strategies to get started please as it is tempting to do both the first and second selection in every race but after reading through I’ve been advise not to do that in every selection so any ideas or any winning successful methodS would be appropriate
    Thank you


    Robert Byrne

    Current season Brian 👍


    Brian Wright

    Hi, I am a new member, just wondering, with James Prize points strategy, when rating last three runs , is it just in current season or last season as well?


    lee schoey

    Hi Guys,
    Im a new member and just wondered if anyone is still actively running Jameses method? I have read back all through posts and have seen the runners number was changed.
    I have used my own strategies and I do like to concentrate on races with 5-7 runners.
    Has anyone been doing this still or following the exact way James was selecting?
    Thanks in advance.



    Typical just as I start to follow you….all the best.



    Well done my friend you’ve helped lots of us and that’s the most one can do on here.Nice to finish on winners best of luck to you.


    James McCarthy

    Nice little double to finish on!!

    Thank you and good night 😂🐴👍🏻🏇



    Thanks James. Your views will be missed. Best wishes. Keith


    James McCarthy

    Afternoon all – firstly thanks for all the kind words last night. It is greatly appreciated and got me contemplating on my decision!!

    Today looks tough and so I only have two selections to offer. They are:

    3.05 L Give and Take
    3.50 Ch Shaya

    Good luck to everybody for today and The foreseeable!!





    Evening James I’ve just read the news. Saddened to see you’re leaving us. It becomes part of the day reading your, Carl’s and now Neil’s Vince’s and Stans posts. Feel like we’re missing another valued member of the Maverick team. Good luck for the future. Take care and hopefully we’ll hear from you again one day. Until then, happy hunting 👍🏻😉



    James the service will be diminished by your absence
    thank you for your hard work
    Many many people profited from your generosity
    Good Luck .carl


    Neil Munro


    Always followed your selections best of luck to you and thanks for posting your selections which were of benefit and will be missed.



    stan jones

    James I wish you al the best in the future and hope it goes well for you what ever you do


    James McCarthy

    Evening all

    Just wanted to give you an awareness that tomorrow’s post will be my last for the foreseeable future on this forum and website as I have decided to cease my membership when it is due for renewing this month.

    There are no so -called unsavoury reasons for leaving just the fact that 95-99% of my daily selections are matched and first rated by Matt so it’s more a quest of “going it alone ” and seeing if I can survive!!

    Also the transition between flat and NH can be a tricky one so it would be logical to do it now.

    May I take the opportunity to thank you all and in particular Matt,Carl, Richard, Stan and Pippin for all your support, advice, encouragement and banter over the last 12-13 months.

    Also good luck for the rest of the year/season and who knows if I get lonely I may be back!!

    Best wishes


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