how-to-write-out-a-bet-slipPlace Bets (Betfair) – In Betfair the place market is different, you bet for your horse to finish in a place position (See previous table). It differs to betting each way in that it is a single place bet only, betting for your horse to finish in a place position. There is no “win” part of the bet which would lose if your horse came 2nd. With Betfair if your horses comes first you would receive the same payout as you would if it came 2nd.

In the above example, the specific returns would depend on the odds offered in Betfair, but for illustrative purposes lets say the odds offered were Evens in the place market, and you had placed your £20 stake in Betfair. If the horse came 1st, 2nd or 3rd your return would be £20 profit and £20 stake returned.

You could therefore say that the Betfair place market is therefore a more averaged return – I.e. – the maximum you can win is £20 regardless of whether the wins the race or is placed. An each way bet returns a maximum of £50 profit if the horse wins, but just returns your stake money should it be placed.

Which is the best method depends on your own attitude to risk and whether you think the horse has a good chance of winning the race or just finishing in the place money