31st March

Carnage is probably the best way to describe yesterday. You know its a bad day when Allchilledout (1st rated) get beaten by 6 lengths by a 33/1 shot that hasnt run in 540 days and whose 5 runs were finished 7th of 9 at 40/1, 10th of 15 at 100/1, 5th of 9 at 50/1, 4th of 9 at 16/1 and 6th of 7 at 16/1. Sometimes you just have to strug your shoulders and smile. I hope the owners had £100 on him! Poor day and the rating of 2-3 out of 10 over-estimated my optimism somewhat! Sorry about that! Highlight? Moon River wining the feature in the 3.25 and breaking the Course Record!

Today, further caution advised, though 3-4 out of 10 perhaps is the rating of the Ratings in terms of strength.

May be advisable to either swerve the day or consider Dutching or betting both to level stakes if odds allow. Looks like another dodgy day and I wont be betting today!!!


2.00 Presto Boy / Spray Tan

2.30 Theydon Thunder (if he doesnt run)  Miss Buckeroo / Engai

3.00 Sbraase / Yul Finegold

3.35 Lapilli / One Big Surprise rfc

4.05 Kingley Klarion / Aguerooo

4.40 Ring Eye / Mister Marcasite

5.10 Peeps / Medieval Bishop

5.40 Southern Storm / Boonga Roogeta


2.10 Belemi Des Pictons / Tjongejonge

2.40 Thedrinkymeister / Beauboreen rfc

3.15 Saint John Henry / Red Devil Lads

3.45 I Am Colin / Hughsie

4.20 Itshard to No / Cape Caster

4.50 Officer Hoolihan / Ballycash

5.25 Ilovemints / More than Two


2.20 Ballypoint / MacGregory

2.50 Obistar / Rainbow Haze rfc

3.25 Belmont / Alfie Spinner rfc

3.55 Driftshore/ Calculated Risk

4.30 Coeur De Fou / Chuirchtown Love

5.00 Geordie Des Champs / Hurricane Dylan


6.05 Pretty Bubbles / Deep Blue Sea

6.40 Eljaddaaf / Malaysian

7.10 Timeless Art / Havre De Paix rfc

7.40 Dark Red / Mystical Spirit

8.10 Wild Flowers / Ashford Island

8.40 Harlequin Rock / Rock n Red

BBOTD: 2.10 Bangor - Belemi Des Pictons

WIN DOUBLE: BBOTD + 2.20 Ffos Las - Ballypoint

Double pays around 1.5/1

EW THIEF (Win/Place on exchanges)

2.40 Bang - Thedrinkymeister

3.35 Wolv - One Big Surprise

3.55 Ffos - Calculated Risk

8.10 Chel - Wild Flower


5.10 Wolves - Medieval Bishop 14/1

30th March

Nice surprise to see the BBOTD drift from around 8/11 to 11/8 and win as easy as that (always fearful when the market pushes the selection out so far!) looks like a lot of "layers" got their fat fingers burnt (GOOD!) Overall not a bad day for the ratings. Several decent wins/placed efforts and the WIN DOUBLE also won nicely with Pushaq coming home nicely. 3 AW meetings today from 4 and it can be a little bit of a minefield as lots of horses simply re-oppose off slightly different weight from a slightly different draw and Im sure at times the jockeys enter a  sweepstake to choose which one of them wins that race today. There is one thing about AW meetings - their consistency to be inconsistent! For a purist who looks at speed / weight / rating / etc its so hard as many races are not run truly. More so on AW (IMO). Just tread carefully today - its certainly a 2-3 out of 10 from me if you want a rating on the Ratings!

EXETER (heavy!)

2.00 Mother Meldrum / Romeo Is Bleeding

2.30 Space Oddity / Canadian Diamond

3.05 Sonny the One / Lord Ballim

3.40 Mountain of Mourne /Umberto D'Olivate rfc

4.10 Shoofly Milly/ Earcomesthedream

4.45  Allchilledout / Craiganee

5.15 Delta Bogart / Big Fella Thanks rfc


2.10 Le Notre / Quality Song

2.40 Theydon Thunder / Venus Grace

3.15 Bargain Buy / Dream Voice

3.50 Bridge Bulider / Secret Witness

4.20 Katie Canford / Opera Buff

4.55 Siri / Ms Gillard rfc

5.25 Pucon / Honcho


2.20 Avalanche Express  / African Blessing

2.50 Red Touch / Patriotic

3.25 Moon River / Trojan Rocket

4.00 Monsieur Jimmy / Harwood Star

4.30 Secret Insider / Davey Boy

5.00 Downtime / Moonshine Ridge rfc


5.55 Blistering Dancer / Ballroom Angel

6.25 Lucy the Painer / Light Rose

6.55 Angelical Dancer / Biodynamic

7.25 Kafoo / Frap

7.55 Bank of Gibralter/ Chevelair

8.25 Torreon / Gentlemen

BBOTD: 3.40 Exeter - Mountain of Mourne

Win Double - BBOTD + 2.30 Exeter - Space oddity

EW THIEF (remember- these are to win/place on exchanges)

2.10 Lin  - Quality Song

3.25 Sout - Moon River

4.45 Exe - Allchilledout

6.25 Kem - Lucy the Painter

8.25 Kem - Torreon


3.15 Ling - Auntie Barber 8/1

7.55 Kem - Corporal Maddox 14/1

825 Kem - Rio Ronaldo 11/1

29th March

Overall, not a bad day for the Ratings. Several good winners and 1-2s secured! Lets hope we grab a few more winners today.


1.50 Abigail Lynch  / Global Dream

2.20 Guaracha / Edlomond

2.55 Giveitachance  / Fresh By Nature

3.30 Aqua Dude  / Present View  *Churchtown Champ similar rating to PV

4.05 My Little Cracker / Isla Fernandos

4.40 Loves Destination / Pret A Thou - Both NRs -

Riddlestown / Warsaw Pact

5.15 Focaccia / Wylde Magic


2.00 Kid Valentine / Storm Forecast

2.30 Westend Theatre / Under the Red Sky

3.05 Billy Billy / Gullys Edge

3.40 See Double You / Dubai Devils

4.15 Feast of Fire / The Bishop

4.50 Tiger Mountain / Dr West


2.10 Hazel Blue / Toymaker

2.40 Pushaq / Chicago School

3.15 Blue Bounty / Extreme Supreme

3.50 Gambit / Hongkong Adventure

4.25 Shrewd / Grand Meister

5.00 Desktop / Unex Modigiliani

5.30 Bint Arcano / Darksideofthemoon

BBOTD: 4.05 Southwell - My Little Cracker


BBOTD + 2.40 Wolv - Pushaq


2.55 Sou - Fresh by Nature

3.05 Hex - Gullys Edge

3.15 Wol - Extreme Supreme

5.30 Wol - Bint Arcano


3.40 Hex - Grey Monk 14/1

28th March

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Storm Katie hits mainland UK and has caused havoc with the Racing. Plumpton has already been called off and Redcar are inspecting again at 10am. I expect there to be a raft of non runners given the going has changed at ALL courses since the going was announced yesterday. With strong to gale force gusts of wind continuing throughout the day, even after Katie has passed and the heavy going, I wouldn't recommend betting at all today - I sincerely hope Redcar is called off. Early flat racing on Heavy? Should NEVER be a betting proposition!

The Ratings will be posted by 10.40 latest.


1.20 Solomn Grundy / Miami Present (nr) Closest Friend rfc

1.50 Mercian King (nr) Shinooki  / Moidore

2.25 Coozan George / Lucky Jim

3.00 Ballydague Lady / Benny Well

3.35 Cloudy Dream  / Blue Rambler

4.10 Man of God / Zara Hope (nr) Ogaritmo

4.45 Black Ivory / Crazy Penguin


1.45 Song Saa / Two Smoking Barrels

2.20 Bears Rails / Golden Milan

2.55 Vinciaettis / Maxamisi rfc

3.30 Sandy Beach / Grey Gold

4.05 Drumlee Lad (nr) Colin's Brother / Panis Angelicus

4.40 Berea Boru / Chasing the Spud rfc

5.15 Postbridge / Llantara

PLUMPTON - abandoned

REDCAR  - inspection at 10am

2.05 Penny Royale / Spring Bird rfc

2.35 Hold On Magnolia / Sea of Uncertainty

3.10 Alphabetical Order / Roja Dove

3.45 Le Chat D'Or / Kiwi Bay

4.20 Ronnie Baird / Jordan James

4.55 Royal Holiday /  All You

5.30 Lavetta / Uncle Dermot

6.00 Bahamian Sunshine / Dark Command


2.10 Florrie Boy (nr) Caged Lightening (nr) Upthemsteps / Lakeshore Lady

2.45 Allee Bleue / Mahlers Star rfc

3.20 Troika Steppe / Mercers court rfc

3.55 Dusky Lark / Midnight Monty

4.30 Magic Dancer / Big McIntosh (nr) Red Hammer rfc

5.05 Smartmax / Pandy Wells rfc

5.40 Bardd / Laval Noir


2.15 Ministerofinterior / Athou Du Nord

2.50 Clonbanan Lad / Man of Steel

3.25 Maid of Tuscany / Act of Supremacy

4.00 Amidon / Bucking the Trend rfc

4.35 Malibu Rock / Bells of Ailsworth

5.10 It Was Me / Mr Madeit rfc

5.45 Kayf Grace / Parisian Star

BBOTD - 2 NH System Bets:

1.45 Chep - Song Sa

3.20 Hunt - Troika Steppes

No further bets - weather/going/non runners  - it would be wrong to single out further selections when I am advocating a no bet day!

27th March - No Selections - Sunday

26th March

Sorry for late posting. Nightmare night. 3 year old spiking a temperature, crying and strange rash, so off to A&E at 3.30 this morning. 7 hours later, we're discharged - viral infection not anything more sinister. Havent been able to do any of my usual pre-checks - Im tired, stressed out and hungry/thirsty - I must love you lot though, as I've put the boy in bed and now I'm posting these Ratings.

As far as the RATINGS go, looks a really tough day - not sure if the rain has come and if so how it will affect the going. If you can, swerve and come back fighting on Monday. If you have to bet, lower stakes and profit target.

Also, please consider Dutching/betting both to level stakes if odds allow.


1.10 Boater / Little Nosegay

1.40 Storm Clouds / Eid Rose

2.15 Our  Channel  / Windshear

2.50 Dutch Uncle / Master of Finance  *Alfonso De Sousa similar rating to MofF

3.25 Spring Loaded / Steelriver

4.00 Hermitage Bay / Cape Bingo rfc

4.35 Seaside Sizzler / Dutchess of Marmite

5.10 Prendergast Hill / Elysian Prince


1.25 Taweyla / Hannah's Princess rfc

2.00 Five in a Row  / Raktiman

2.35 Emerging Force / Fingerontheswitch

3.10 No Duffer / Leo Luna

3.45 Clyne / Apterix

4.20 Altos Des Mottes / Toby Lerone

4.50 Asum / Desert Retreat


1.45 Baby Bach / Wazowski

2.20 Nakadam / Basford Ben

2.55 Wicked Games / Verona Opera

3.30 Blakemount / TopBilling

4.05 Sevenballs of Fire / Takingrisks

4.40 Irish Thistle / Carrigdhourn

5.15 Largy Girl / Lethegoodtimesroll


2.05 Lapalala / Western Sunrise rfc

2.40 Knockgraffron / Muffins for Tea

3.15 Ut Majeur Aulmes / Ulck Du Lin

3.50 Belize / Song of the Night

4.25 Mexican Borders / Hard to Rock

4.55 High Aspirations/  Lambs Cross rfc

5.25 Driftwood Haze / Western Miller

No BBOTD as I haven't carried out my usual checks - sorry - though Baby Bach is a NH system bet and whilst short should win. Boater in the 1.10 at Kempton should also go very close on the numbers. But no definitive BBOTD - sorry. Blame my son! lol.


1.40 Kem- Stormy Clouds

2.35 Hay - Emerging Force

2.55 Car - Wicked Games

4.55 New - Lambs Cross

5.10 Kem - Prendergast Hill

5.15 Car - Largy Girl


3.25 Kemp - Related 8/1

5.10 Kemp - Jacobs Cat 14/1

25th March

BBOTD won again which was pleasing. Think that's now 12 from 15 that have won so we're in good form. Some decent winners for us yesterday including Ashcott Boy 7/2 out to 7/1 (very nice!) and My Lord winning at 9/2. Disappointed though with the Wolves results (Intermittent aside). Usually a decent venue but not good yesterday - lets hope we can put that right today.

Good Friday up until 2 years ago was a day of rest, but we now have the AW Championships Finals at Lingfield and now Wolves have pinned a card to the day too! Here we go! Happy Good Friday!


1.40 Cold as Ice / Alfajer

2.10 Lancelot du Lac / Goken rfc

2.40 Moonrise Landing / Anglophile

3.15 Mindurownbusiness / Sovereign Debt

3.45 Grendisar / Battalion

4.15 Gracious John / Quatrieme Ami

4.45 Haalick / Special Season


1.55 St Andrews / Jordan Sport

2.25 Southern Gailes / Turn Tide

2.55 Gang Warfare / Agent Gibbs

3.30 Sutter County / Letmestopyouthere

4.00 Line of Reason / Rah Rah *Red Baron (like the look of this as a cheeky trifecta - small stakes)

4.30 Something Lucky / Rusty Rocket

5.00 Yorkindredspirit / Competent rfc

BBOTD: 1.40 Ling - Cold as Ice

Win Double: BBOTD win 3.45 Grendisar


1.55 Wol - Jordan Sport

2.10 Ling - Lancelot Du Lac

2.25 Wol - Southern Gailes

4.30 Wol - Something Lucky

24th March

Yesterday we grabbed the first 6 winners from the first 6 races and included in those 6 was a winner for the BBOTD. Hopefully anyone using the 90 min strategy was in profit and those backing to stop at a winner or those just backing the BBOTD. From the EW thief all either won or placed save for The Last Bar - something must have been amiss with the horse as that wasnt it true running and as long as its nothing serious you should all put that horse in your notebook.  It would have been a very nice ACCA (ew) return if the other one won, but as it was, still some decent profit made backing to place/win.  Not much else to write home about - Mission Complete was around 8/1 early in the day and he won at 9/2sp (1st rated).  Looks like the racing in general is still suffering a Post Cheltenham hangover and again we have low grade stuff with lots of late maidens/out of form horses or over exposed handicappers! Not quite sure what to make of it presently. Still, caution is advised!


2.05 The Missus / Goldray

2.40 One Cool Scorpion / Kleitomachos  *Pied du Roi same speed rating as K but just under figs overall.

3.15 Set in my Ways / Nightline

3.50 Doitforthevillage (NR)  Silver Eagle / Saint Breiz

4.25 Old Magic /  Brinstine  *Myroundoryours *identically rated overall with Brinstine

5.00 Ayla's Emperor / Blue Top

5.30 Royal Django / Chance de Roy


2.15 My Lord / Kay Sera

2.50 Tatting / Matraash

325 Quality Art / Your Gifted

4.00 Powerful Dream / The Commendatore

4.35 Kestrel Call / Rosealee

5.10 Skylark Lady / Nietzsche

5.40 Intermittent / Flinty Fell

6.10 Lord of the Storm / Spirit of Godree


2.30 Beallandendall / Magic Music Man

3.05 Ashcott Boy / Sir Pitt

3.40 Midtech Valentine / Hopes Wishes rfc

4.15 Presenting Arms / Cloonacool

4.50 Pearlysteps / On the Bridge rfc

5.20 Mo Chalin / Lady Perescope

5.50 Ridgeway Flier / Blu Cavalier *Watch any massive market move for Nicky Hendersons New Master - if he goes off Fav, likely he'll win! No Speed Rating for him but other variables on breeding/trainer/jock etc look ok.

BBOTD: 5.40 Wolves - Intermittent

EW THIEF (remember - win/place on exchanges)

2.50 Wol - Tatting

3.05 Lud - Ashcott Boy

3.15 Chep  - Set in my Ways

3.40 Lud - Midtech Valentine


2.15 Wolves - Evervescent - 8/1 generally. Drops into Class 6 and longer trip could eek out better speed figs and if so, could be an unlikely winner.

23rd March

As warned - yesterday the racing was poor and whilst we had a short lived purple patch in the middle of the day, the majority of the results werent great and when you see 66/1 winners come in you nod to yourself that today was a good day to swerve. As I commented in my preamble yesterday, I only had 1 bet yesterday at reduced stakes of £25 (usual £50) on the BBOTD, Henryville who rocked up nicely enough to at least make me a few £££ even on a dire day. Odds at 5/4 saw a £31.25 profit. I was more than happy with that. Today looks an equally dire day and again, loathe that I am to give the Ratings a rating - its a 2-3 out of 10 today. Low grade, over exposed handicappers or very low grade maidens. To give you an example, in the 2.00 Dark Diamond (clamier) has a speed rating of 142 versus Edgar of 122 - that is around 2- 2 1/2 lengths but its an awful race! Numbers say YES, common sense says NO!  Just tread carefully today please!

As with yesterday -DUTCH or LEVEL STAKE bet BOTH selections and QUIT once in profit - even a tenner! ;o)


2.00 Dark Diamond / Edgar

2.30 Azrur / Surewecan rfc

3.05 Young Windsor / Cool Crescendo

3.40 Casterbridge / Sleepy Blue Ocean

4.10 Basingstoke / Grey Destiny

4.40 Henry Smith / Frosty the Snowman

5,10 Moonshine Ridge/ Cool Beans


2.10 Walking in the Air / Scoresheet

2.40 Drumlee Sunset / Crickelwood

3.15 Brownville / Under the Phone

3.50 Talk of the South / Bells of Ailsworth

4.20 The Last Bar / Bonnet's Vino

4.50 Mission Complete / Midnight Jade

5.20 Robin Roe / Beau Du Brizais


2.20 Hollies Pearl / Mardale rfc

2.55 Double Ws  / Man from Seville

3.30 Daveron / Deadly Sting

4.00 Beatu / Back to midnight

4.30 Listen Boy / Lord Landen

5.00 Sharpasaknife / Birch Hill


5.45 Dreaming Again  /Tax Reform

6.15 Al Hamd / I cant Stop

6.45 Havisham  / Forecast

7.15 Takeitfromalady / Jezza

7.45 Golly Miss Molly/ Tidal Way

8.15 Under Siege / Rich Again

8.45  Torreon / Clement

9.15 Copper Cavalier / Assertive Agent

BBOTD: 2.20 Haydock - Hollies Pearl

EW THIEF (win / place on exchanges)

2.30 Sou  - Azrur

3.50 War - Talk of the South

4.00 Hay - Beatu

4.20 War - The Last Bar

5.10 Sou - Moonshine Ridge

5.20 War - Robin Roe

22nd March

A while back someone asked me to rate the Ratings from 1-10 (1 being poor, 10 being Excellent) I still reticent about giving out such markers but if I was persuaded today, I'd only give them 2-3 out of 10. Really low grade stuff-  many horses with plenty to prove, poor form lines and on such a Spring like day, it really looks like one to swerve (IMO). I know many of you will ignore my pleas but from the figures it looks on paper a tough day and I worry the Ratings will suffer today as a result. Do what you will with this info! Do NOT moan at me if I am proven right!!

I would strongly recommend you consider dutching or betting BOTH selections to level stakes when odds allow.  If you're in profit, even by a tenner, I'd stop and count your blessings! Do not try to push your luck today!!!


2.00 Perfect Summer / Mount Shamshan

2.30 Auckland De Re / Better Days

3.05 Kingussie / Quieto Sol

3.40 Henryville / Golden Doyen

4.10 Three Faces West / Drop Out Joe

4.40 Free of Charge / Mor Brook

5.15 Somerset Jem / Speredek


2.10 Kuda Hurra / Ivy Gate rfc

2.45 Bertie Lugg / Chasma

3.20 Solidago / Return Flight

3.50 Ballyculla / Lessons In Milan

4.20 Arthurs Secret /Hartside

4.55 Wolf Sword / Top Cat Henry

5.25 Monthyne / Captain Moirette


2.20 Monsieur Jamie / Perfect Peak

2.55 Pickapocket / Magical Lasso

3.30 Blades Lad / Prayer Time

4.00 Ticking Away / Furiat

4.30 Lackaday / Monsieur Jimmy

5.05 Palpitation / Rupert Boy

BBOTD: 3.40 Exe - Henryville

EW THIEF (To Win and Place on Exchanges)

2.30 Ex - Auckland De Re

3.30 Sou - Prayer Time

4.10 Ex - Three Faces West

4.20 Weth - Arthurs Secret

5.15 Ex - Somerset Jem

5.25 Weth - Captain Moirette


1 placed from 2 yesterday.

2.45 Wetherby - Polarbrook - 12/1

21st March

Good morning! Thank you for your kind emails and posts on the Forum! I think its fair to say we had a good Cheltenham Festival - 17 winners over the 4 days and notably we grabbed the winner in the feature race on each of the 4 days. We had a 1-2-3 on Day 3 and a 1-2-3-4 (Foxhunters). It was fair to say I was physically and mentally drained come Friday evening so the weekend away from Racing has done me the world of good.

Thank you for all being so gracious in allowing me a day off (we dont bet Sundays). So Cheltenham has come and gone. We now focus on the hum drum.


2.00 Benny's Secret / Ryalex rfc

2.30 Oscar O'scar / Present Flight

3.00 Sainte Ladyline / Amy's Choice rfc

3.30 The Grey Taylor / Jet Master

4.00 L'Aigle Royal / Cracked View Mirror

4.30 Rocklim / Ganbei rfc


2.10 Rock on Oscar/ Fortunate George rfc

2.40 Banyu / Brotherly Company

3.10 Passing Fiesta / Edeiff's Lad

3.40 Vincenzio Mio / Nestrenko

4.10 Rothman  / My Brotherly Sylvest

4.40 Present Man / According To Harry


2.20 Owen Na View / Allow Dallow

2.50 Thoonavolla / Santa's Secret

3.20 Monkhouse / Sandygate

3.50 Dante's Way / Minella Experience

4.20 Visible Light / Riddlestown

4.50 Mondo Cane / Empty the Tank

5.20 Raised on Grazeon / Water Willow

BBOTD: 2.20 South - Owen Na View


2.10 Tau - Rock on Oscar

2.40 Tau - Banyu

Pays around 1.20/1


2.30 Kel  - Oscar O'scar

3.00 Kel - Sainte Ladyline

3.20 Sout - Monkhouse

4.20 Sout - Visible Light

EW THIEF - To win/place on exchanges

4.00 Kel - L'Aigle Royal

4.10 Tau - My Brother Sylvest

4.40 Tau- According To Harry

5.20 Sou - Raised on Grazeon


2.30 Kel - Halcyon Days 12/1

4.20 Sout - Midnight Gem 9/1

19th and 20th - No Ratings

18th March

Day 3 was, i thought, the trickiest day of the 4 but that was until I started to look at DAY 4's Card. WOW! I hand on heart think that today is super tricky! Today we have FOUR massive fields of 24+ (the 2.10 has 26 declared!) and if we grab 2 winners from the 7 races I would be happy. I know this goes against the grain of the past 3 days, but I am actually advising a No Bet day or at least very small stakes. Even the cards away from Cheltenham arent straight forward and I would hate those that have made a few £££ to give it all back. So I implore you ALL, tread very very carefully today. On the figures there isnt even a standout Banker Bet! Tough day in prospect! 🙁


Ok as with ALL Cheltenham Festivals, the Ratings provides upwards of FOUR (4) selections in some of the bigger races. As you can appreciate the handicap races especially are really tight. You will need to carefully consider how you USE the ratings  - Dutching/Level stake betting EACH selection can prove fruitful especially with the prices of the horses.  LOOK OUT FOR BOOKMAKERS PAYING TO 5 PLACES IN SOME OF THE BIGGER RACES. BET SMART!!

1.30 Zubayr / Footpad / Sceau Royal

2.10 Blue Hell / Superb Story /  Starchitect / Modus (26 Runners)

2.50 Barters Hill / Gangster  / Long Dog

3.30** Don Cossack / Cue Card / Djackadam  (Gold Cup)

4.10 On the Fringe / Paint the Clouds / Marito / Current Event (24 Runners)

4.50 Squouateur / Ibis Du Rheu / Qualando / Laurium (24 Runners)

5.30 Rock the World / Savello / Eastlake /Next Sensation  (24 Runners)

**The numbers all point to Don Cossack but frailty in jumping remains an issue as with Djackadam. The Big form line is the King George when DC fell as he was going past CC. Assessment leads to a numbers over my own feelings which is CC has found improvement since and could be the answer. Suggestion is to consider seriously dutching or level staking these two or for less profit, to bet them to place.  If CC wins, Paddy Brenan picks up £1m bonus so he has every incentive to eek every last drop of stamina out of CC up the hill. Its so tight! Feel certain its the 1-2 this year. Just cant decide which one will triumph! Numbers wise, its Don Cosssack by around  1 1/2 lengths!

NO CHELTENHAM BANK BETS TODAY  - I cant and wont put up such bets when the numbers dont support them. Its unfair on you! Sorry!



1.15 Doctor Parkes / Ballista

1.45 Royal Marskell / Spes Nostra

2.25 Abareeq  / Mishwaar

3.05 Esteemable / Clary

3.45 Silver Springs / Zabdi

4.25 North Creek / Worlds Greatest rfc

5.05 The New Master / My Isla


1.55 Kiama Bay (nr)/ Its a Mans World / Changing the Guard

2.35 Bon Chic / Rhythm Star rfc

3.15 Baltic Storm / Jethro

3.55 Boss De Mottes / Qassar

4.35 Wings Attract / Noble Legend

5.10 Vent Nivernais / Midnight Charmer


6.10 Storytale / Music Hall

6.40 La Havrese  / Let Me In

7.10 Gabrial the Duke(nr) Spiritoftomintoul / Stonecutter

7.40 Magical Path / Battlement

8.10 Powerful Storm / Little Indian

8.40 Toymaker / Star Links

BBOTD:  there isnt one! Poor racing away from Cheltenham -DAY OFF for me in this regard as with EW Thief as well. Apologies, but not sense putting selections up when the numbers dont support them.

17th March

A slightly more sombre day for us at Cheltenham yesterday though we still managed 4 winners and two 1-2s to boot. Today looks tricky. 3 massive field handicaps to wade through and with 24 runners it had me up until 2.45am this morning before I'd finished the 5.30 race - So many of the runners in these big races have collateral form lines but on wholely different going so computating the variables on better going and fresh going at that is labour intensive. Woke up at 5.45am this morning and was listening over breakfast to the fact that they've watered the track - 4mm went on over night. Thank goodness i kept my workings out! Lets hope we continue to find winners today - 9 so far. 7 would do me today! ;o)


Ok as with ALL Cheltenham Festivals, the Ratings provides upwards of FOUR (4) selections in some of the bigger races. As you can appreciate the handicap races especially are really tight. You will need to carefully consider how you USE the ratings  - Dutching/Level stake betting EACH selection can prove fruitful especially with the prices of the horses.  LOOK OUT FOR BOOKMAKERS PAYING TO 5 PLACES IN SOME OF THE BIGGER RACES. BET SMART!!

1.30 Outlander / Bristol De Mai / Garde la Victoire

2.10 Missed Approach / Our Kaempfer / Cup Final and at 40/1 Rolling Maul (worth £1 ew !) (24 runners)

2.50 Vautour / Valsear lido / Road to Riches

3.30 Thistlecrack / Cole Harden / Saphir du Rheu  *Whisper is merely put up here as 2 years ago it won for us at 33/1 - has the form!!

4.10 John's Spirit / Kings Palace / Stilletto / Tenor Nivernais (24 Runners)

4.50 Limini / Smart Talk rfc / Chocca Wocca (perhaps without top 2 in market?)

5.30 Cause of Causes / Upswing / Doctor Harper / The Giant Bolster (love this horse, sentimental pick though is up there on past ratings) (24 Runners)


3.30 Thistlecrack - now they've watered the ground, this is top rated


2.50 Vautour

3.30 Thistlecrack


4.50 Limini



1.15 Sainte Ladylime / Lemtara Bay rfc

1.45 Royalraise / Spirit of Shankly rfc

2.25 Lettheriverrundry / Steel City

3.05 Try it Sometime / Tanners Hill

3.45 Kelsey / Distant Sound

4.25 Pearlysteps / Legal Legend

5.00 Precious Ground / Newton Thistle rfc


1.55 Beyondtemptation / Morning with Ivan rfc

2.35 Flemensfirthleader / My Little Sister rfc

3.15 Cheat the Cheater / Moscow Present

3.55 Beer Goggles / More Madness

4.35 Son of Suzie / Jonny Eager

5.10 Leney Cottage / Suprise Vendor

5.40 The Pierre Lark / Huehuecoytle


5.50 Grandest / Choral Clan

6.20 Loyalty / Mystical Spirit

6.50 Bosham  / Brother Tiger

7.20 India's Song / Freud

7.50 Hepplewhite / Air of Astana

8.20 Penny Dreadful / Alhella

8.50 Red Flute / Kuanyao

BBOTD: 1.55 Hex - Beyondtemptation


3.05 Tow - Try It Sometime

3.55 Hex - Beer Goggles

5.00 Tow - Precious Ground

5.10 Hex - Leney Cottage

16th March

WOW! What a day we had yesterday and we are a little unlucky in the last not to get a 14/1 winner, losing out by a neck! Great start - Mullins advised treble and the Double also coming in at 8/1 and around 2/1 respectively. 5 winners across the selections, two 1-2's and placed horses at 14/1 or bigger.



Ok as with ALL Cheltenham Festivals, the Ratings provides upwards of FOUR (4) selections in some of the bigger races. As you can appreciate the handicap races especially are really tight. You will need to carefully consider how you USE the ratings  - Dutching/Level stake betting EACH selection can prove fruitful especially with the prices of the horses.  LOOK OUT FOR BOOKMAKERS PAYING TO 5 PLACES IN SOME OF THE BIGGER RACES. BET SMART!!

1.30 Yanworth / Yorkhill  RFC *A Toi Phil at a bigger price could make the frame if you want to bet without top 2 in market!

2.10 No More Heroes / More Than That  RFC / *Blaklion at a bigger price without the 2 fav in the market

2.50 Politologue / Baoulet Delaroque / Blazer / Hunters Hoof (26 runners!) Bookies pay to 5 places

3.30 Un De Seaux / Sprinter Sacre

4.10 Josies Order / Balthazar King / Quantitativeeasing

4.50 Jaleo / Fixe le Kap / Compeador / Pillard (22 Runners) Bookies pay to 5 places

5.30 Augusta Kate / New To This Town / Ballyandy

Cheltenham Banker Bets:

1.30 Yanworth NAP

3.30 Un De Seaux NB

For the treble add:

2.10 No More Heroes  - has to beat the fav but strong numbers say he can.  If funds allow you could do two trebles swapping No More Heroes with More than That along with the other 2?

Risky but plausible 4 ACCA/Lucky 15 ADD: Josies Order in the 4.10



1.20 Red Touch / Sooqaan

1.55 Be My Sea / Lifting me Higher rfc

2.35 Street Duel / Ocean Ready

3.15 St Andrews / Remarkable

3.55 Moon River / Philba

4.35 Sadie Babes / Hello Beautiful rfc

5.15 Rampers / Fumbo Jumbo

5.50 Harwoods Star / Sir Geoffrey


2.25 Magic Money /Detour Ahead

3.05 Whiskey Chaser /Miss Oscarose

3.45 Boy in a Bentley / Mahler Lad

4.25 Eco Warrior / Guaracha

5.05 Slidecheck / Cruising Bye

5.40 Peter the Mayo Man / Diamond Rock


6.05 Lions Charge / Sandy Cove

6.40 Golly Miss Molly / Maison Brillett

7.10 Giovanni di Bicci / Pike Corner Cross

7.40 Trusting Hay / Dangerous Thought

8.10 Chelwood Gate / Light from Mars

8.40 Big Amigo / Princess Cookie rfc

9.10 Honcho (nr)  Rigalletto / Diamond Charlie

BBOTD: (Away from Cheltenham): 1.20 Southwell - Red Touch


As with yesterday, all Cheltenham selections above 5/1 worth considering

Win  mainly, but you can also consider Place betting on exchanges

3.45 Bang - Boy in a Bentley

5.40 Bang - Peter the Mayo Man

7.10 Kem - Giovanni di Bicci

15th March

DAY 1 of Cheltenham - You can't move for Hype/television adverts/radio adverts etc. Thank you to the member who listed all the Bookies Deals. What a wonderful piece of research to benefit everyone. Load up your tips for Cheltenham on the Forum. Lets see who the top tipsters are? £50 cash prize for the winner! Get involved!

Ok as with ALL Cheltenham Festivals, the Ratings provides upwards of FOUR (4) selections in some of the bigger races. As you can appreciate the handicap races especially are really tight. In one race today only 4lb's separates the entire field. Crazy! You will need to carefully consider how you USE the ratings  - Dutching/Level stake betting EACH selection can prove fruitful especially with the prices of the horses.  LOOK OUT FOR BOOKMAKERS PAYING TO 5 PLACES IN SOME OF THE BIGGER RACES. BET SMART!!


1.30 Min / Altior   *Supasundee live bigger odds selection.

2.10 Douvan / Sizing John / The Game Changer

2.50 Out Sam / The Young Master / Southfield Theatre / Beg to Differ

3.30 Annie Power / The New One / Identity Thief

4.10 Vroum Vroum Mag / Polly Peachum *Lily Waugh live bigger odds selection

4.50 Southfield Royale / Noble Endeavour / Minella Roco

5.20 Aloomono / Double Shuffle / Bouvreuil


2.10 Douvan

3.30 Annie Power

4.10 Vroum Vroum Mag

Pays around 8/1

Add Min to the 3 for a 30/1 4 timer. (Lucky 15?)


1.15 Monbeg Dolly / Superfection rfc

1.45 Perfect Poison / Home for Tea

2.25 Lawless Island / Theflyingportrait

3.05 Roxyfet / Prince Khurram(nr) Away with Slates rfc

3.45 Generous Pet / Bladon

4.25 Discoverie / Duhallowcounty rfc

5.00 Tara Time / Only Orvieto


1.55 September Issue / Spice Mill

2.35 Emblaze / Roger Thorpe

3.15 Extreme Supreme / Hitthelights

3.55 Greyfriarchorista / Clubland

4.35 Fois Gras / Response

5.10 Tatting / Edgar

5.40 Hartford Straits / Henry Smith


6.05 City of Angkor Wat / Mutafaakir

6.40 the Happy Hammer (nr) Binky Blue / Orlando Rogue

7.10 Jammy Guest / Corporal Maddix

7.40 Frenchman / Knights Table

8.10 Medieval Bishop / Scenic Star

8.40 Novelli Dancer / Tombe Girl

9.10 Rip Van Suzy / Blushes / Daydreamy trifecta (reverse)

BBOTD: 4.25 Sedgefield- Discoverie

WIN DOUBLE - Cheltenham double special! My bankers on Day 1.

2.10 Chelt - Douvan

4.10 Chelt - Vroum Vroum Mag


*All Cheltenham selections above 4/1 are all worthy of consideration. Luck in running is going to be a major factor in determining how close our bigger priced selections get. Lets hope we snaffle a few decent priced winners but remember - to back to PLACE/EW - dont back a 14/1 chance on the nose only, back to place, back it without the favourite/2nd favourite - all these markets are open to you to exploit! Bet smart!

1.55 Sou - Spice Mill

2.35 Sou - Emblaze

3.15 Sou - Hit the Lights

14th March

Cheltenham Eve. Two meetings today. Lets make it count!


2.10 Clondaw Cian / Never Equalled rfc

2.40 Bawdens Rock  /Johns Luck *only 0.0144 between them on Speed Ratings alone.

3.15 Agincourt Reef / Sportsreport

3.45 Bells of Ainsworth / Leath Arca Mor(nr) Talk of the South

4.15 Hopes Wishes / May Hay

4.45 Head Spin / Kapricorne

5.15 Bolister / Knights Reward


2.20 Bonne Question / Shadow Blue

2.50 Oscar Jane / Benability rfc

3.25 La Pamipolaise  / Forgiving Glance rfc

3.55 Masters Hill / Goodtoknow

4.25 Kazlian / Here's Herbie

4.55 Ballyegan / Edeiff's Lad

5.25 Theatre Rouge / Fit the Bill

BBOTD: 2.10 Plum - Clondaw Cian


3.15 Plum - Agincourt Reef

5.25 Taun  - Theatre Rouge


2.40 Plum- Bawdens Rock

3.25 Tau - La Pamipolaise

4.25 Tau - Kazlian

4.55 Plum - Head Spin

4.55 Tau - Ballyegan

13th March - No Selections - #Sunday

12th March

Didn't see any racing yesterday though was keeping up to speed via the racing post app and it was a little bit car crash from what I witnessed. Bad day all round but I do give warnings and I cant stop you lot betting. Today looks a tough day - big fields or stupidly small ones (3 runner affairs). Again I plead/beg of you to tread carefully. Brian put up a series of bets yesterday -  emailed me to say if you followed it, you would have won £107.00 - There is certainly mileage in his strategy, might be worth looking at it?

Right, I have been behind the curve all morning. Not feeling the best. So here are the ratings. I shall be resting today. I shall answer all emails by Monday - to the 5 abusive ones, I wont be answering those!

REMEMBER - PLEASE consider BOTH selections and dutch/level stake bet them if odds allow. Also, consider the EW / Place of some of the longer odds selections. Make your money work harder and smarter!


1.25 Harley Rebel  / Searching

2.00 Two Taffs / Point the Way

2.35 Bertie Boru / Relax

3.10 Rayvin Black / Affair D'Honneur

3.45 Copper Kay / Avellino

4.20 Kylemore Lough / Dormello Mo rfc

4.55 Minella Reception / Anay Turge


1.40 Summerinthecity / Elusivity

2.15 Si Senor / Intrude

2.50 Chookie Royale / Realise

3.25 Biff Johnson / Dakota City rfc

4.00 Patrick / Steelriver

4.35 Secret Insider / Ikerrin Road

5.10 Intermittent / Margoesque


1.45 Stradnahanna / Billy Billy

2.20 Monbeg River / Ubaltique

2.55 Bertalus / May Be I Wont

3.30 Bobs Lady Temure / Presenting Rose

4.05 One for Arthur / Bernadelli

4.40 Shades of Midnight / Kashmer Peak

5.15 Randy Pike / Grays Choice


1.50 Wood Yer / Umberto D'Olivate

2.25 The Gipper / Distant Rain

3.00 Semper Invicta / Oneida Tribe

3.35 Supreme Bob / Golden Milan

4.10 Midnight silver / Anda De Grissay

4.45 All Together / Pressurize

5.20 Another Frontier / Extreme Impact

BBOTD: 5.10 Wolves - Intermittent


4.20 Sand - Kylemore Lough

4.55 Sand - Minella Reception

No More Selections today - I just haven't had enough time to undertake ALL the usual research. Sorry. Blame the NHS!

Back Monday

11th March

I'm off to Hospital today for a few checks so wont be about today until this evening. If you email please be patient regarding a reply. Ta.

All the jump cards are riding HEAVY so again please be careful when betting and avoid Chelmsford PLEASE!

Not sure I'm happy about "grading" the strength of the Ratings just in case I grade it as 4 and we get 14 winners, or I grade it as 8 and we get 3 winners. Do you see my point? I think I would prefer to go back to giving general warnings and letting you decide freely what to do. I told you to be careful yesterday and stalwart Alan goes and makes over £700! So whether I warn you or not, you guys seem to do your own thing.


2.00 Minella Aris / Craiganboy rfc

2.30 Jumbo Jim / Benny's Secret

3.05 Throthehatch / Dr Moloney

3.40 Clan Legend / Quick Decission

4.15 Little Glenshee / The Cobblers Swayne

4.50 Question of Faith / Verona Opea

5.25 Wild West Wind / Sevenballs of Fire


2.10 Tresor de Bontee / Smart Catch

2.40 Air Horse One / Starvin Marvin

3.15 Jenny's Surprise / Ardkilly Witness

3.50 Bon Enfant / Le Boizelo

4.25 The Brock Again / Chestnut Ben

5.00 Bagging Turf/ Top and Drop


2.20 Kerryhead Storm Take The Crown

2.50 Boston Blue / Hit The Headlines

3.25 Vic De Touzaine / Toby Lerone

4.00 Riddlestown / Tachbury rfc

4.35 Some Finish / Whiskey Chaser

5.10 Dineur / Siro Demur


5.45 The Dukkerer / Runaiocht

6.15 Tangramm / Icebuster

6.45 Berrahri / Boogna Roogeta

7.15 Money Team / Borough Boy

7.45 Cee Jay / Corridor Kid

8.15 Desert Strike / Jaarih

8.45 Mambo Spirit / De Lesseps

BBOTD: 4.25 Sandown - The Brock Again

WIN DOUBLE - BBOTD with 2.00 Ayr - Minella Aris


3.05 Ayr - Throthehatch

3.50 San - Bon Enfant

10th March

Flemensfirthleader was ridden by a numpty yesterday who seemed to get in close to every hurdle (hit every one bar 2 i think) and gave the winner such a easy time it was untrue - backed into 4/11 it was woeful and prevented a very nice juicy treble. BBOTD won nicely as did Bernies Boy. 4 winners at Catterick (should have been 5, grrrrr!) was the highlight with only 2 winners at Lingfield -George Baker on Gunner Moyne....ridden to lose? 4 winners at Kempton with a few hard luck stories - Rezwaan might have won with a bit more of a clearer run and Dreaming Again looked like he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Wincanton has already been lost to the weather, so we're stuck with Carlise - HEAVY, and 2 AW meetings. One member asked me to rank the strength of the ratings from 1-10 - 1 being poor, 10 being excellent. I would put this no higher than a 4-5 today at best!


2.00 Captain Redbeard / Divine Port

2.35 Baby Bach / Dakota Grey rfc

3.05 Isaactown Lad / Gevrey Chambertin

3.40 Runswick Relax / Leneys Cottage

4.15 Sean Ban / Superior Command (nr) Ash Park

4.50 Swing Hard / Verko

5.25 Reivers Lad / Powerful Symbol rfc


2.10 Busy street / Mirsaale

2.45  Northside Prince / Swinging Hawk

3.15 Rain in the Face / Lord Huntingdon rfc

3.50 Cool Strutter / Mr Frankie

4.25 Crosse Fire  / Vallarta  *Sir Billy Wright almost identical to V

5.00 Hab Reeh / Amenable

5.35 Big Shoes  / Frivolous Prince

CHELMSFORD - tread carefully here - still trying out different combos!

5.50 Celestial Bay / Bracken Brae

6.20 Grecian King / Saeedan

6.50 Brigladoro / Revolutionist

7.20 Tourmar / Theydon grey

7.50 Coillte Caitlin / Fit the Bill

8.20 Compton Prince / Spellmaker

BBOTD: 3.15 Southwell - Rain in the face

Win double

BBOTD + 4.15 Carlise - Sean Ban

Pays 1.79/1 (Bet365)


2.00 Car - Captain Redbeard

2.10 Sou - Busy Street

3.05 Car - Gevrey Chambertain

3.40 Car - Runswick Relax

6.50 Chel - Brigliadoro


3.50 Southwell - Alpha Tauri 14/1

7.50 Chelmsford - Corton Lad 10/1

8.20 Chelmsford - Spellmaker 8/1

9th March

One word for yesterdays results - Woeful  - however I'm not sure many services did well yesterday- it was just one of those days - even 4/11 shots getting beaten and 66/1 shots winning - over 100/1 on Betfair! Going is certainly playing its part and with the deluge of rain we've had overnight and into today, its again going to be be extremely testing. Wise to either swerve today or really reduce your stake. Save for yesterday we've been in really good form and betting banks are looking relatively healthy. So on days like today when weather is the main feature, it is best to consider a watching brief. I for one will NOT be betting today. If that isnt a good enough hint for you i dont know what is!

Just learned that Fontwell is unlikley to go ahead - the going yesterday at the course was Good to Soft, so that just shows you how much rain has fallen! In fact FONTWELL is abandoned due waterlogging!


2.00 Fair Loch  / Poetic Lord

2.30 Roxyfet / My Friend George rfc

3.00 Flemensfirthleader / Regal Ways

3.30 Bollin Line / Causal Cavalier

4.00 Shinooki / Diego Suarez

4.30 Charlton Ryan / Fureys Bar

5.00 Lady of Llanarmon / Undisputed


2.10 Gunner Moyne / Surewecan

2.40 Silver Rainbow / Ballista

3.10 Fleckrel / Vimy Ridge

3.40 Templier/  Howardian Hills

4.10 Aguerooo / Illegally Blonde

4.40 Thomas Blossom / Amanto

5.10 Powerful Dream / Hot Stuff

FONTWELL - Abandoned!


5.40 Rezwaan / Time Sqaure

6.10 Maverick Wave / Razor Wind

6.40 Nasri / Eljaddaaf

7.10 Rigolleto / Pharoh Jake

7.40 Bernies Boy / Russian Ranger


Giovanni De Bicci / Ocean Legend

8.40 Dreaming Again / Je T'aime Encore

BBOTD: (Was Vic De Touzaine in the 3.20 at Fontwell) But

NEXT BEST: 4.30 Catt - Carlton Ryan


3.00 Catt - Flemensfirthleader

4.00 Cat - Shinooki

Double pays around 1.80/1 though I suspect both will drift in the market slightly so 2/1 could be achievable.

Easy treble (hopefully)

Add:  7.40 Kem - Bernies Boy

treble pays around 2.7/1


2.10 Lin - Surewecan

3.10 Lin - Vimy Ridge

4.40 Lin  - Thomas Blossom

7.10 Kem - Pharoh Jake

8.40 Kem - Dreaming Again

8th March

Reasonable day for the Ratings yesterday. Both BBOTD won - Bertie Lugg strolled round and it was nice to see Overtown Express also show a clean pair of hooves to the others rather than leave it so late he then finds little off the bridle. EW thief had 2 good winners and I'm annoyed I didnt include Binky Blue in the section as a revisit of my notes last night showed I had earmarked him! But still, winterlude and Indian Affair returned very nice odds so a small profit gleaned. Racing is pretty poor today quality wise. Lots of low rated scores so again, just tread carefully.


2.00 Sartorial Elegance / Norse Light

2.30 Sonny the One / Minella On Line

3.05 Kap Jazz / Knight of the Realm

3.40 Whataknight / You Say What

4.10 Renard / Bear Rails rfc

4.40 Rene's girl / Fizzy Dancer


2.10 Titian Boy / Seventeen Black

2.45 Cains Marcius / Nendrum rfc

3.15 Streets of Promise /  Present Flight

3.50 Seven Devils / Veinard

4.20 Caraline  /De Vois Moi

4.50 Blakerigg / Eaton Hill


2.20 Weald of Kent / Be My Sea

2.55 Tatting / Lifting me Higher

3.30 Boots and Spurs / Bognor

4.00 Quadriga / Eye Glass

4.30 Extreme Supreme / Elusivity

5.00 Harwood Star / Lucky Mark

BBOTD: 4.40 Exe - Rene's Girl (NH system bet)

WIN DOUBLE with 3.40 Exe - Whataknight


2.00 Exe - Norse Light

2.10 New - Titian Boy

3.05 Exe - Kap Jazz

4.00 Sou - Quadriga

5.00 Sou - Harwoods Star

LONGSHOTS -All still an experiment but....no more than pennies on these ok?!

2.10 New - Warksburn Boy 7/1

4.10 Exe - Tolkeins Tango 10/1

4.30 Sou - Bapak Bangsawan 10/1

5.00 Sou - Perfect Peak 12/1

7th March

Morning! A reasonably fruitful day on Saturday and especially so for those who followed my advice and dutched / bet to level stakes on BOTH selections. I honestly think that this is a viable strategy for Saturday racing. Odds are such that you can make your £20-50.00 profit target using these methods. To all newer members, read the strategy page, check the forums and ask questions. Email me if you also want some guidance. Today BOTH jump cards are riding HEAVY! Today will be a true SLOG! Just tread carefully when betting today. I wouldnt be surprised if there are a few outsiders winning today! Fields are going to be stretched out today. Not too many blanket finishes!


2.00 Ashcott Boy / Moscow Me

2.30 Arthamint / Kilcascan

3.00 Final Nudge / Kalanisi Glen

3.30 Bertie Lugg / Normandy King (nr) Johnny's Legacy

4.00 Mount Haven / Carlo Rocks

4.30 Definitely Better /Pandorica


2.10 Overtown Express / Master Jake

2.40 Diamond Life / Bawden Rocks

3.10 Ceann Sibheal / Sacre Malta

3.40 De Kerry Man / Cappielow Park rfc

4.10 Bagging Turf / Manhatten Mead

4.40 Wayward Frolic / Gawanauthat

5.10 Good Idea / Mr Moutain


2.20 Top Offer / Lackaday

2.50 Indian Affair / Seek the Fair Land

3.20 Torreon / Spirit Glance

3.50 Mallymkin / Binky Blue

4.20 Viewpoint / Almanack

4.50 Winterlude / First Mohican

5.20 The Way You Dance / Red Unico

5.50 Four Mile Beach / Farham

BBOTD:  3.30 Southwell - Bertie Lugg *but 2 significant NRs have pulled the plug on the price! No bet on Bertie!

Next Best (NB): 2.10 Lingfield - Overtown Express


2.40 Ling - Diamond Life

2.50 Wol - Indian Affair

3.40 Ling - Cappielow Park

4.50 Wol - Winterlude

5.10 Ling - Mr Moutain

6th March - No Selections - Sunday

5th March

Saturday rolls around and it looks a tough tough tough (x3) day for punters! Big fields, some attritional going and I wouldn't really want to be betting massive amounts today. Reading the Forum, lots of you had good weeks, so try to keep a healthy chunk of it back with Cheltenham in mind! Please heed my warnings. They often prove to be right!

Ratings will be posted by 10.45 latest - Just checking the goings on a few courses and may have to make some minor adjustments. Bear with me.

Kelso has been lost to the weather after 16mm of rain fell and there is more predicted across the Country. The going at the jumps meetings is going to be a slog. My warning at Donny proved right and the form and rating (speed) went out of the window with 16/1 winners and 25/1 placed horses making fools of the more readily and on paper better horses. Heavy going really creates a level playing field and some horses just give up. You can see them almost put the brakes on!  Lots of Non runners at Donny too! For me, a watching brief! You??

*****Please Consider Dutching or Betting to Level Stakes  


1.45 Rock Gone / Spice Fair

2.15 Pete the Feat  / Aachen

2.50 Saint Charles / Gala Ball

3.25 Art Mauresque / Pythagore *Sametegal only 0.553 off P

4.00 Muthabir / Sikander

4.35 Hughsie / Johnny Og

5.10 Boudry / Sam's Adventure


1.55 I'm Harry / Midtech Star

2.30 Lunar Deity / Lacan

3.05 Merhoob / Dangerous Thought rfc

3.40 Fast Track  / Sandsfrankskipsgo

4.15 Abe Lincoln / Adventurous

4.50 Charlie Lad / Novabridge / Jolly red Jeanz *reverse trifecta

5.25 Gabrial the Duke / Hope You Dance


2.00 Pearls Legend / Upsilon Bleu

2.35 Zeroshadesofgrey / Waterclock

3.10 Yes I did / Briery Belle

3.45 The Last Samuri / The Druids Nephew

4.20 Cracked View Mirror / Fact of the Matter(NR) Deadly Move

4.55 Wintered Well / Rocklim

5.30 Midnight Maestro / Wenyerreadyfreddie


2.20 For Goodness Sake / Sleep Easy

2.55 Perfect Summer / Social Climber

3.30 Pandy Wells / Ghost of a Smile

4.05 Kentucky Star / Bonnet's Vino

4.40 Thingers Licht / Colins Brother

5.15 Three Ways / Welcome Bach

BBOTD: 4.20 Doncaster - Cracked View Mirror

No further selections today. All going will be Soft/Heavy - more rain predicted and uncertainty makes picking EW selections or even other HOT PICK selections at 10am for races occurring 6 hours later virtually impossible. I hope you understand that this is not a cop out but me trying to do the right thing by you and save you a few ££ should I get it wrong. Only after the first races have been run will we get a better idea of how the ground is riding. It was described as good to soft a Donny yesterday, anyone who watched the racing will know it rode heavy - the jock in white winning the first race was literally covered in mud. Nothing "good" in that description. All the jocks came back and said it was riding on the heavy side of soft in places  and was hard.

Enjoy the racing. Looks a great day, but perhaps keep your betting banks locked away

3rd March

I hope most of you heeded my warning and put your betting boots in the cupboard yesterday? I know from reading the Forum a few of you were still tempted and it would appear were lucky enough to find a winner or two. The Inquest as to how the BBOTD lost is still ongoing. Either there was something wrong with the horse or it was deliberately stopped. To lose by 13 lengths was astonishing. Similarly you'd have to question what was going on with Justice Lady in the last at Kempton. Watch the Jockey - seems to be riding the horse very strangely, then bursts to the front 1 1/2 furlongs from the finish and for a stride or three stops riding the horse and it gets beat. Blip days are ones to watch out for as you can see! Today the ratings are still struggling to find 2 clear selections. I wouldnt call it a blip day, but i would be careful about betting and lower stakes/profit targets today are the order of the day. Please take my advice seriously. I dont type it to be ignored. I have your betting banks at the heart of all I do! I want you to be successful, not unsuccessful, so when warnings are given -follow them or dont moan at me if you lose a few quid!


1.45 Kestrel Call / Cultured Knight

2.15 Berlios / Spice Mill

2.50 Nasri / Monsieur Jimmy

3.25 Play Nicely  / Kashmir Peak

4.00 Tatting / Golden Wedding

4.35 Final / Captain Revelation


1.55 Querry House / ByronFlyer

2.30 Zanstra / Minellacelebration *Going for Broke identically rated to M

3.05 Hollywoodian  / Davron

3.40 Nexius / Galway Jack

4.15 Pulling Power / Brise Vendeenne rfc

4.50 Grandioso / Monkey Kingdom

5.25 Apterix / Hill Fort


2.05 Ministerofinterior / Lac Sacre

2.40 Space Oddity / Nice Thoughts

3.15 A Plein Temps / City Supreme

3.50 Vazaro Delafayette  / Sandy Beach

4.25 Impulsive American / Rock N Rhythm

5.00 Agincourt Reef/  Grand March

5.35 On the Road / Tikkapick

CHELMSFORD *Watching brief advised!

6.05 Presto Boy / Tasaaboq

6.40 Doeadeer / Basmia

7.10 Desert morning / Clockmaker

7.40 Pinzolo / John Reel

8.10 Divine Touch / Granita

8.40 Fingals Cave / Dutch Garden

9.10 Eurato / Sudden Wish

BBOTD: 1.55 Ludlow  Querry House


1.45 Sout - Kestrels Call

5.35 Tau - On the Road

Double pays: 1.82/1

EW THIEF (win / place using the exchanges)

2.30 Lud - Zanstra

2.50 Sou - Monsieur Jimmy

4.35 Sou - Final

5.35 Lud - Apterix


3.50 Taun - Royale Django 11/1

2nd March

Reasonable day for the Ratings. Some decent winners and the win double came in but the BBOTD missed out - not quite sure how given he was all over the winner 2 out, but failed to pick up and sometimes you wonder why a jockeys ego is the cause of so many failures. Why he didnt push on 2 out and take a 5 length lead is beyond me. Each time they jumped a fence he made 2 lengths and then held the horse back. Very frustrating, but overall we had a good day. Today as per the warning in the FORUM looks like a BLIP day. Now these come along every so often. Its where the ratings are so close it selects 4-5 horses with almost nothing between them. This is one such day. Hence I must stress to you all (especially newer members) my strong advice is NOT TO BET today. (PLEASE!!!!!!) Just watch/paper trade/try some new theories, but do not gamble with yesterdays winnings. Honestly its not worth it and you could lose a lot of money.  I do not expect ANYONE to moan about the results today after giving this warning here and on the Forum.  If you ignore all my warnings at the very least please consider betting on BOTH selections (Dutch/level stakes).


2.00 What a Scorcher / Beat the Tide

2.30 Go West Young Man / Three Ways *Bellator identically rated to TW

3.05 Cloudy Beach / Pembroke House

3.40 Petrou / Domtaline

4.15 Son of Suzie / Millicent Silver

4.50 Orchard Park / The Pierre Lark


2.10 Antartica De Thaix / Biretta

2.45 Quite by Chance / La Vacatine

3.20 Pacha Du Polder (VC's last chance perhaps?) / Big Fella Thanks

3.55 Tagrita / Eminet Poet

4.30 Bugsie Malone / Bagging Turf

5.05 Abyaat / Slidecheck


2.20 Point North / Viva Verglas

2.55 Rupert Boy / Rip Van Suzy

3.30 Edgar / Consortium

4.05 Foylesideview / Regents Park

4.40 Jack of Diamonds / Bognor

5.15 Project Bluebook  / Our Little Sister


5.45 Mr Christopher / Pyla

6.15 Califonia Lad / Daring Knight

6.45 Closer to Home / Trimoulet

7.15 Russian Rediance / Mystical Sapphire

7.45 Fair Comment / Shirataki

8.15 The Big Lad/  Quintus Cerialis

8.45 Justice Lady / Tahiti One

BBOTD: 2.10 Win - Antartica De Thaix (NH System bet)

No further selections today due to Blip day. Would be wrong for me to highlight or single out anything further


4.05 Wolves - Anneani 25/1

1st March

Far better day for our "extra" day - with the BBOTD winning, the long shot bet winning at 16/1 advised into 9/1, and all EW thief selections placing, one winning at 17/2sp. Plenty of other winners all at ok prices and fingers crossed all members made a few ££  - if not then i strongly recommend contacting me.


Happy St Davids Day!


2.00 Beyondtemptation / Astrum

2.30 Sakhee's City / General Mahler

3.00 Carthage / Myrtle Drive

3.30 Ubaltique / The Wexfordian

4.00 Minella Daddy  / High Hopper

4.30 Leanna Ban / Bespoke Lady

5.00 Wintered Well / Flemerina


2.10 Easter Mate /Major Assault

2.40 Hoofalong / Baddilini

3.10 Scrafton / With Hindsight

3.40 Moonday Sun / Im Harry

4.10 Volunteer Point / Bint Dandy

4.40 Blue Bounty / Ask the Guru

5.10 Eastern Dragon / Basingstoke


2.20 I am Colin / Lord Landen

2.50 Like Sully / Bredon Hill Lad

3.20 Robbie / Warne

3.50 Lockstockandbarrel  / Abracadabra Sivola

4.20 Man of Steel / Mister Teddy

4.50 Troika Steppes / One for the Boss

BBOTD: 3.50 Leic - Lockstockandbarrel


4.10 Ling- Volunteer Point

5.10 Ling - Eastern Dragon

*treble with BBOTD also advised.

EW DOUBLE: pays 25/1

2.40 Lin - Hoofalong 11/2

4.40 Lin - Blue Bounty 3/1

*Small stakes advised. E.G: £2.50 EW pays £73.40 if both win.

EW THIEF: (win/place on exchanges)

WITH the two above:

2.30 Catt - Sahkees City

3.20 Leic - Robbie