31st January

Another reasonable day for the Ratings despite the atrocious conditions over the jumps courses! Watching some of them come home was akin to chariots of fire - slow motion running, bobbing up and down but not really getting very far! I read with saddness that Many Clouds had an internal bleed which led to his death. Such saddness when tragedy like this strikes. I am sure connections are still very much mourning his passing.

Todays racing looks similar to yesterday - uninspiring, but a similar haul of winners/placed efforts would suffice.


1.00 Itsafreebee / Cusheen Bridge

1.30 Un Prophete / Working Title

2.00 Aye Aye Charlie / Major Davis

2.35 Champ / Snow Castle

3.10 Listen to the Man / Somewhere to Be

3.40 Lady Buttons / Mahlers Star

4.10 Redkalani/ Red Admirable


1.50 Pollys Pursuit / Jubilympics

2.25 Honey Pound / Sea Wall

3.00 Burgess Dream / Supreme Bob

3.30 Tearsofclewbay / Queen Odessa

4.00 Cape Caster / Doitforthevillage

4.30 Up Four It / Sea the Springs


2.10 Very First Blade / Intense Starlet

2.45 Oor Jack / Pushkin Museum

3.20 Dandy Flame / Wentwell Yesterday

3.50 Oratorio's Joy / Celestial Bay

4.20 Enfolding / Party Tiger

4.50 Absolute Blast / Coillte Caitlin

5.20 Fast Landing / Dreaming Time

5.50 Dark Confident / Cliff

BBOTD: 1.30 Sou - Un Prophete


1.30 Sou - Trapper Peak 11/1

3.00 Lin -Ashford Wood 14/1

5.50 Wol - Rebel Lightning 14/1

30th January

We enjoyed a reasonable day on Saturday with plenty of good priced winners and a number of good placed efforts as well. Thoughts go out to the connections of Many Clouds who held off Thistlecrack in an epic battle only to collapse and die yards after the finishing line. A truly magificent horse. Richard tore up Leopardstown yesterday - well done Sir! Plenty going on with the Service - lots of forum debate and strategies applied, updated, tinkered.

Our Facebook presence continues to grow, so please like the page and spread the word. Richard is very much the driving force behind it, but we need everyone to contribute - the odd strap line highlighting a success or a photo of your betting account showing a good win are all great to raising the profile of the Service. Top contributors will be rewarded with discounted subs/cash/free bets etc. Please, lets all pull together to make this the number 1 service out there.

Today we have only 3 meetings and its the usual Monday fodder, so just be a wee bit cautious if deciding to bet today.


1.30 Start Seven / Free Bounty rfc

2.00 Pearl Nation / Regarde Moi

2.30 Vantage Point / Alhajjaj

3.05 It Must Be Faith / Colourbearer

3.40 Secret Glance /Satchville Flyer

4.15 Playful Dude/ Swiftee


1.40 Oscars Boss / Gregarious

2.10 Yourholidayisover / Instingtive

2.45 Jerrysback / Groundunderepair

3.20 Eminent Poet / City Supreme

3.50 You Too Pet / Royal Salute

4.25 Royal Etiquette / Kastani Beach

AYR -Heavy! (aka bottomless!)

1.50 Robin Des Mana (NR) Reivers Lad / Strong Economy

2.20 Cadeau Du Bresil ( NR)/ Fattsota / Peters Grey

2.55 Misfits / Intercounty Star

3.30 Marlee Massie / Newtown Lad

4.00 Tap Night / Harleys Max

4.35 Sams Adventure / Silver Bullion

BBOTD   - 2.10 Plum - Yourholidayisover

no further bets

29th January - Sunday - no ratings

28th January -

A reasonable day - plenty of winners throughout the cards and some decent priced winners - so hopefully members made a profit.  Saturday rolls around. Let's hope some of the stable stars run a "true" race rather than what I suspect which is that some will run well under par today so to mask their chances at the Festival in March! Old cynic that I am!!


12.00 Charli Parcs / Defi Du Seuil rfc

12.35 Singlefarmpayment / Ibis Du rheu

1.10 Shantou Flyer / Walk in the Mill

1.45 Un De Sceaux / Top Gamble

2.15 Thistlecrack / Smad Place

2.50 Cantlow / Any Currency

3.25 William Henry / Top of the Game

4.00 Unowhatmeanharry / Ballyoptic rfc

4.35 Drumcliff / Robinshill


12.50 Mia's Storm / Orchard Park

1.25 Give Me A Copper / Strong Pursuit

1.55 Romain De Senam / Upsilon Bleu

2.30 Cloudy Dream / Forest Bihan

3.05 Vroum Vroum Mag / Coilite Lass

3.40 Vincente / Third Intention

4.15 Oh Michele / Ilovemints


1.20 Nicky Baby / Dream Reversion

1.50 Arnarson / Thetrioandme

2.25 Bold Prediction / Somethingthrilling

3.00 Pepita / Cyrus Dallin

3.35 Sennockian Star / Rydan

4.10 Head Space / Jack the Laird


1.40 Multiculture / Culmination

2.10 Amberjam  / The Chuckmeister

2.45 Le Rocher / Melodic Rendezvous

3.20 Kayfleur / Plaisir D'Amour

3.55 Renard / Master Jake

4.30 Whispering Harry / Leviathan


5.45 Whaleweigh Station / Mr Chuckles

6.15 In the Spotlight / Gentleman Giles

6.45 Ceyhan / Belabour

7.15 Garam / Golden Opportunity

7.45 Keystroke / Mr Bossy Boots

8.15 Revolutionary War / Gossiping

8.45 Shining Romeo / Stonecoldsoba

9.15 Stand Guard / Tasty Ginger

BBOTD:  2.15 Chel - Thistlecrack

double with: 1.45 Chel - Un De Sceaux

No further bets today

27th January

A below par day for us yesterday - BBOTD won nicely - starting the day with a winner and then ending the day with a winner as Fire Diamond hosed up at 7/2! Overall though, not our best day. Apologies.

Sadly Huntingdon is OFF due to a frozen track - annoying given its supposed to climb to 8 degrees today! Therefore we're down to 4 meetings from 5. Not wishing to sound like a stuck record, but please consider both selections - case in point - Fiery Spice 2nd rated winning at 16/1 but on the exchanges it was around 34/1!


1.10 Killermont Street / Slice of life

1.40 Dandy Flame / Peachey Carnehan

2.10 King Olav  / Grand Facile

2.40 Fashion Business/ Cartavio

3.10 Great expectations / Tahiti One

3.40 Ocean Drive / Emenem

4.10 Bamako Du Chatelet / Heart Locket


1.15 Celestial Path / High Street

1.45 Percy Street /Garo De Juilley

2.15 St Johns Point / Sweetoothtommy

2.45 Dolos  / Air Horse One

3.15 Amber Gambler / Gardiners Hill

3.45 Yur Next / Fraser Canyon

4.15 Chic Work / Mad Jack Mytton


1.25 Midnight Cowboy/  Crank Em Up

1.55 Forth Worth / Behind the Wire

2.25 Calarules / Stepover

2.55 Baraza / Make Me A Fortune

3.25 Mount Mews / Nicolosio

3.55 Aux Ptits Soins / Premier Bond

4.25 Brio Conti / Gustave Mahler


5.45 Safe Voyage / Lexington times

6.15 Ettu / Van Helde

6.45 Foxy Forever / Rich Again

7.15 Star of Spring / Newmarket Warrior

7.45 Harry Holland / Oak Bluffs

8.15 Novabridge / See Vermont

BBOTD: 1.15 Taun  - Celestial Path

double with 2.45 Tau - Dolos

pays 2.64/1 (Bet365)


1.25 Don - Berkeley Barron 40/1

2.10 Ling - Yul Finegold 20/1

26th January

A good haul for the Ratings yesterday and no better way to start the day than a 9/2 first rated winner (bigger at BSP!) Some decent winners throughout the day and our 20/1 Longshot was only narrowly denied being a winner finishing  head 2nd. We had a very nice 9/1 (11/1 early) 1st rated winner with Spinwheel. All in all an ok day for us and another day where we trounce Speedratings!

Fakenham has been abandoned, so we're left with 2 AW meetings and a Jumps Card!

Remember to consider BOTH selections!



12.55 Don Bersey / Hestina

1.25 Ms Parfois / Wizards Sliabh

2.00 Yanmere / Incentivise

2.35 Court Frontier / Ballywilliam

3.10 Dolatulo / Open Hearted

3.45 King of Realms / Puppet Warrior

4.20 Duke Debarry / Cirano De Sivola


1.05 Moojaned / Miss Macchiato

1.35 Speed Freak  / Fiery Spice

2.10 Piazon / Crosse Fire

2.45 Dream Team / Whatsthemessage

3.20 Moondust / Western Presence

3.55 Zoravan / Anton Chigurh


5.50 Sir Lancelott / Vision of Beauty

6.25 Boychick / Paper Faces

7.00 Charismatic Man / Zakatal

7.30 Captain Swift /  Halstatt

8.00 Night Poetry / Heartstone(nr) Zehrah

8.30 Mowhoob / Boboli Gardens

9.00 Fire Diamond / Deeleys Double

BBOTD: 12.55 War - Don Bersey


2.35 War - Moidore 20/1 -16/1 in places

2.10 South - Rocking Rudolf 16/1

8.30 Wolv - Zed Candy Girl 14/1

25th January

Some good winners yesterday - Fortinbrass at 9/1, Desert Queen at 6/1, Global Dream at 5/1. A few 1-2s, 2-3s and 1-3s thrown in so enough there to snaffle a few profit points if using any of the most recently posted strategies.

Today, freezing fog the enemy but all racing is on though I imagine conditions will be testing and again caution is advised. Remember to consider the place market as well as Dutching/level stake betting BOTH selections in the race of your choice. Certainly paid off in a number of races yesterday.


1.05 Tisbutadream / African Beat

1.35 Circulate  / Allegheny Bay

2.05 Garter / Arize

2.40 Shan dun Na Ngall / Night Generation

3.15 Coillte Cailin / Van Huysen

3.50 Winningones / Angelou

4.20 Major Muscari / Cuban Queen


1.25 Floramoss / Cracking Friend

1.55 Mister Don / Bankhall

2.30 Jaleo / Pillard

3.05 Two Taffs / Aminabad

3.40 Mister Springsprong / Blandford Gunner

4.10 Final Countdown / Snowed In


1.45 Oxwich Bay/  Ballymountain Boy

2.15 Azert De Coeur / Winged Crusader

2.50 Greyed A / Gulshanigans

3.25 Nefyn Bay /Big Windmill

4.00 Toberdowney / Tara Mist

4.30 Castafiore/ Daisy De Sivola


4.15 Cavalieri / Spiritoftomintoul

4.45 Mount Cheiron / Afkar

5.15 Spinwheel  / Bloomin Lovely

5.45 Shamrockh / Life Wont Wait

6.15 Captain Dion / Pearl Spectre

6.45 Erissimus Maximus / Magdelene Fox

BBOTD: 1.35 Ling - Circulate

Add Two Taffs for a double


2.15 Lud - Butlergrove King 10/1

3.15 Ling - Kyllachy Gala 10/1

24th January

Not the best start to the day! Anyway I'm in the office now, though as I type we still dont know if 2 of the meetings are going ahead! Anyway, here are/would have been the selections.

Remember  - place market in these conditions seems best option or betting BOTH! Results from yesterday support this and I dont think it will change today given the poor racing we have been served up!

LEICESTER - inspect at midday!!

1.20 Sister Sybil / Alizee Javilex

1.50 Sonoftheking / Global Dream

2.20 La Vacticane / Desert Queen

2.50 Global Stage / Ballyarthur

3.20 A Hares Breath / Romain de Senam rfc

3.50 Hill Fort  / Dormouse

4.20 Miss Mash / Time Forth

WETHERBY - Inspection at 11am

1.30 Gris De Prou / Most Celebrated

2.00 Captain Mowbray / Featherrhythm

2.30 Fingerontheswitch / Oscar O'scar

3.00 Grand Enterprise  / Should I Stay

3.30 Monbeg River /Wells De Lune

4.00 Big Shot / Robbing the Prev


1.40 Baileys Apprentice / Greengairs

2.10 Treaty of Rome / Fortinbrass

2.40 Dungannon / Archie Stevens

3.10 Encore D'Or / Meadway

3.40 L'inganno Felice / Tommy Docc

4.10 Playful Dude / Saphire Coast

BBOTD - apart from not betting, 2.50 Leic - Global Stage

23rd Jan

Not our greatest set of results for a Saturday - a few winners but generally below our usual standard and it at times appeared a struggle. Losing 2 really good meetings in Ascot and Taunton didnt help though! Richard enjoyed himself over in Ireland and his Irish ratings performed well. He's planning on now going to Cheltenham - his liver has asked him to reconsider! Just the 3 meetings today. The usual Monday hangover of racing. Tread carefully.




1.40 Beeno / Lady Buttons

2.10 Maxed Out King / East View Bay

2.40 Dubai Angel / Quietly

3.10 No Planning / Fayette County

3.40 Munsaab / Belize

4.10 Supreme Asset / Uno Valoroso



1.50 The Bay Oak / Back to the Thatch

2.20 Timoteo / Bobs Boy

2.50 Whiskey Chaser / African Gold

3.20 Cabragh / Allthegear Noidea

3.50 Whizzey Rascal / Owners Day

4.20 Steel Native / Without Frontier



2.00 Metronomic / American Patrol

2.30 Auric Goldfinger / Panther in Pink

3.00 The Last Debutante / Good times Ahead

3.30 Dazacam (NR) / Cajmere  / Street Jazz

4.00 Eurato / Obboorr

4.30 Tangramm / Snobbery

5.00 Gossiping / Fastnet Blast

5.30 Dukes Meadow/ Hold Firm

BBOTD:3.50 Bang - Whizzey Rascal


1.40 Newc - Sudski Star 17/2

4.10 Newc - Rosquero 14/1

5.00 Wolv - Melanna 20/1


22nd January - Sunday -No Selections

21st January

After burning the midnight oil it is extremely irksome to wake up and learn that Ascot and Taunton have been abandoned due to a frozen track - in this day and age it is inexcusable that frost covers aren't mandatory and supplied to all tracks - even on a subsidised basis from the BHA. Ascots story is worse as they have covers but somehow the frost yesterday penetrated the covers! Ridiculous! Ascot had an amazing card today and the public have been deprived some wonderful racing - talk about lost revenue both for the Course and the industry as a whole. Rant over.

BBOTD won again yesterday - impressively. Overall I was happy with our haul of winners - 13 in total from memory which is 3 more than I thought we might get! Well done to Richard on another good night over the Irish Sea!

Remember - place market is a good source of winners as is Dutching/level staking BOTH selections in the race you've selected to bet on.



12.50 Chevallier / Byres Road

1.25 Mailshot / Indian Dandy

2.00 Seven Clans / Candesta

2.35 Pinzolo / John Reel

3.10 Ardamir / Holly Bush Henry

3.45 Al Yarmouk / Galinthais

4.15 Geoff Potts / Bush Warrior


12.55 Heath Hunter / Lough Kent

1.30 Politologue / Its Afreebee

2.05 Elgin / Mohaayed

2.40 L'ami Serge / The New One

3.15 Alary / Bristol De Mai

3.45 Wuff / Pistol Park

4.20 Splash of Ginge / Desert Cry(nr) Aintree my Dream


5.45 Golden Opportunity / Marquee Club

6.15 School Run / Absolutely Awesome

6.45 Dynamo Walt / Foxy Forever

7.15 Testa Rosa / Showboating

7.45 Star of Spring / Bell Heather

8.15 Chiswick Bey / Pickets Charge

8.45 Harmonic Wave / Thorntoun Lady

9.15 Curzon Line / Restive

BBOTD: 3.10 Ling - Ardamir


2.00 Ling - Attain 14/1

9.15 Newc - Order of Service 20/1

20th January

BBOTD back to winning ways but overall a sketchy day where posts and bars were hit with a few being beaten by less than half a length, a few by a neck/head/short head. But over time that equals itself out. Chepstow inspect by are positive racing will go ahead, although it will ride heavy so caution advised! Horses get tired and accidents occur!

Certainly looks a day to BET BOTH in level/Dutching stakes. Some exceptionally tight handicaps and the numbers on the rated selections are weaker than usual. I know I often say tread carefully and we end up having a great day, but today, the numbers are weak and lower stakes/targets are advised. Just telling you how it is so you have all the info before you click that Bet Button! I am sure Richard will concur that it looks a minefield today.


12.50 Sports Barrow / Peppy le Pugh

1.20 Mister Don / Landmarque

1.50 Appy Days / Princess Mononoke

2.25 Project Bluebook / Eye of the Tiger

3.00 Chestnut Ben / Fields of Glory

3.30 Touch of Steel / Pulpitation

4.00 Hello Fellas / Hermanus


1.00 Lord Cooper / Geraldine

1.30 Roundabout Magic / Pulsating * Snuggy very near identical rating to P

2.00 El Campeon (nr) Oratorios Joy / Vercingetorix

2.35 Dhahmaan / Big Time

3.10 Hamish McGonagain / Costa Filey

3.40 Keswick / Fearsome

CHEPSTOW - Heavy - so be mindful!

1.40 The Worlds End / Testify fc

2.10 Robinsfirth / Battle of Shiloh

2.45 Atlanta Ablaze / Shaama Grise

3.20 Brownville / Altiepix

3.50 Earlshill / Dashing Perk

4.25 Gardiners Hill / Bredon Hill Lad


5.45 Vatican Hill / Atteq

6.15 Archie Stevens / Fly time

6.45 Mystique Moon / Fast Landing

7.15 Athassel / City of Angkor Wat(nr) Keenes Pointe

7.45 Trending / Turnbury

8.15 Royal Blessing / Cahar End

BBOTD: 3.10 Ling   - Hamish McGonagin

19th January

another relatively strong showing yesterday with a few hard luck stories and a few horses that sadly went wrong or ran as if something amiss (Final Choice being one of them!) Still, plenty of "placed" selections and a fair few 1-2's, 1-3's and 2-3's. We again proved better than speedratings.com which for me is the benchmark when it comes to comparable ratings/results. There are some fascinating posts in the Comp thread re strategies which are worth a read. Let's hope for a few winners today.


12.55 Miss Osier / Log Off

1.30 Autumn Tonic / Wimboldsely

2.00 Sophisticated Heir / Englishwoman

2.35 White Royale / Nuzha

3.10 Warm Words / Zoravan

3.45 Noguchi / Idle Talker


1.20 Amour De Nuit / Minella Rebellion

1.50 Pemba / Land of Vic

2.25 Un Anjou / Truckers Highway

3.00 Filles Des Champs / Theater Goer

3.35 Port Melon / Capard King

4.10 River Wylde / The Blue Bomber


1.40 Walt / Cadaudoff

2.10 Buttercup / Twenty Eigh Guns

2.45 Bishops Court / Calin du Brizais

3.20 Sartorial Elegance / Dawson City

3.55 St Saviour / Unison

4.25 Monsieur Co / Black Mischief


5.20 Colourbearer / New Rich

5.50 Secret Bird / Sarabi

6.25 Lunar Deity / Regarde Moi

7.00 Serenade the Stars / Lulu the Rocket

7.30 Bunbury / Berlusca

8.00 Al Sail / Porto Ferro

8.30 Tell a Story/  Be Royale

9.00 Prince of Time  / Kingfisher Girl

BBOTD:4.10 Lud - River Wylde

double - 2.35 South - White Royale


1.30 South - Archipentura

2.00 South - Call Out Loud

18th January

A strong results day yesterday save for the BBOTD getting beaten by a short head in the shadow of the winning post! Most frustrating when you consider all the winners we achieved! Plenty of big priced winners as well.  Once again the Forum is alive with strategies and systems and the tinkering and honing of these can only be beneficial for long term success. Thank you Richard for all the stats, for all the info posted and for running the Facebook page! Remember to make sure you make use of the affiliate programme! We pay you for referring friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours, strangers, you name it. Dean, Pippin et al have all been really busy in the Comp thread swapping ideas, Stan's place selections from the ratings are a huge hit and certainly worth following. Carl is providing daily selections from a plethora of tipping sites with different degrees of success, but interestingly where they overlap with the ratings, the success rate improves (win/place)!

Over the past 12 months this Service has really kicked on and with only a couple of months to our 4th birthday the future of the Service has never been brighter. Be prepared for bad days - we all have them - but lets hope for more good than bad. We continue to outperform our Ratings rivals and with successful strategies now being shared, members can only benefit. I am really chuffed with how its going and cant thank you enough for all your individual efforts and ideas and support. Team TPS!

Right, today:


12.50 Strong Challenge / Take the Helm

1.25 Hathfa / Mitigate

2.00 Ayr of Elegance / Marauder

2.30 Thomas Bloom / Major Ben

3.05 Ascot Day / Poets Society

3.35 Global Revival / Hochfeld

4.05 Arcanista / Encapsulated


1.00 Master of Irony / Monbeg Oscar

1.35 Wicked Willy / Mr Utah

2.10 What a Diva / Viking Mistress

2.40 Kilcrea Vale / Three Musketeers

3.15 Unzing / Attimo

3.45 Nietzche / Movie Legend

NEWBURY - inspection 9.30

1.15 Final Choice / Flying Tiger

1.50 Hidden cargo / Beyond Conceit

2.20 Champagne at Tara / Max Ward

2.55 Monbeg Gold / Potters Corner

3.25 Theatre Territory / Thegirlfrommilan

3.55 Bang on Frankie / Pearlesque


4.20 Rezwaan / Master of Heaven

4.50 Athassel / Yasgood

5.20 Dreaming of Paris / Satin Ribbon

5.50 Booshbash / Revel

6.20 Absolute Blast / Stosur

6.50 Camakasi / Paladin

BBOTD: 2.40 Mkt Rasen  - Kilbrea Vale

DOUBLE with 1.35 Mkt Rasen - Wicked Willy.

No further bets today.

17th January

A good day yesterday save for our BBOTD drifting like a barge and failing to run any sort of race. Early afternoon saw the exchanges go mad for our 2nd rated Kings Walk and he was a soild fav at the off, and duly obliged. Bob could only muster 3rd! Save for the BBOTD, the ratings performed admirably with plenty of winners, another 16/1 winner bagged and Bush House was only touched off by a SHD at 12/1. Work placed at 16/1 in the opener at Plumpton. Plenty for all strategists to sink their teeth into.

One for the notebook: Adam Kirby rode the Godolphin winner at Wolves yesterday (4.00) with our Famous Kid coming 2nd. When interviewed he struggled to hide his view about how good his horse was! Could be a winner in waiting at Lingfield on Good Friday! Antiquarium is the horse and i shouldnt think Famous Kid will be far behind.

Today looks a rotten day quality wise. Poor racing overall. So please, heed caution today. Heavy at Ayr and Soft at Exeter. Such going can often sort the men from the boys so to speak!


1.00 Mr Clarkson / Mansion

1.30 Late Shipment / The Model County

2.05 Bobble Boru / Martha McCandles

2.40 Grand Gold / Dance Floor King

3.15 Bramble Brook / Bindon Mill

3.50 Casper King / Putting Green

4.20 Over to Sam / Orchard Boy

AYR - Heavy

1.15 De Dollar Man / Just Minded rfc

1.45 Billy Bronco / Elusive Theatre

2.20 Starchitect / Taking Risks

2.55 Nortonthorpelegend / Kilbree Chief

3.30 Rowdy Rocher/  Presenting Junior

4.00 Intercounty Star / Pikarnia


1.55 Pancake Day / Tilsworth Micky

2.30 Blanco / Altaira

3.05 Intransigent  / Dutch Art Dealer

3.40 Sutter County / Visionary(nr) Tomily

4.10 Noble Star / Rio's Cliffs

4.40 Tred Softly / Rianna's Star

5.10 Ali Bin Nayf / Graceful Lady

5.40 Aurora Gray / El Campeon

BBOTD: 3.40 Kem - Sutter County

You could add Bronco Billy for a double  - would be a surprise if that one lost on the numbers- long way ahead of the field.

16th January

A reasonable day on Saturday for the Ratings - Nice to get a 16/1 1st rated winner with Sir Lancealot in the first at Wolves - always a bonus to kick off a meeting with such a big winner. Richard continues to impress with his Irish selections and also ensures we are a 7 day a week Service with the production of his Sunday ratings. The Service really is going from strength to strength and its testament to Richard, Jason (behind the scenes) and of course you the members for making the Service what it is. The Forum is full of interesting posts and strategies so please keep it up. Shared info makes us collectively stronger. We all share a common goal - to make a few £££ from our love of horseracing! We now have football bets and greyhound bets so even our evenings are now dominated by betting if so inclined. We run an affliate programme so if you want to make money by referral, get in touch or contact us (Jason) for more info. Spread the word and we'll pay you for doing so! Cant be bad!

On to today - ususal Monday fodder. Heavy at Ayr and Soft at Plumpton. Another tread carefully day!


1.10 Fairlee Grey / Loose Ends rfc

1.40 Bella / Whizzey Rascal rfc

2.10 Bryden Boy / Hartforth

2.45 Holeinthewall Bar / Master Ruffit

3.15 Master Rajeem / Spoils of War

3.50 Fearless Tunes / Station Closed


1.25 Basten /  Work

2.00 Very Live / Triple Chief rfc

2.35 Letemgo / Ghost River

3.05 Royal Salute / Talk of the South

3.40 Bob Mahler / Kings Walk

4.10 Sir Hubert / Royal Etiquette


1.50 Magdeline Fox / Oh Geno

2.20 Draw Swords  / Bush House

2.55 Mythical Madness / Perfect Cracker

3.25 Gold Flash / Black Dave

4.00 Famous Kid / Steve Rogers

4.30 Alinstante / Hot beat

5.00 Lady Bacchus  / Eland Ally

530 Roy's Legacy / Dandilion

BBOTD: 3.40 Plum - Bob Mahler

15th January - Sunday  - No Selections

14th January

Reasonable day yesterday despite my concerns and Richard tore up the Irish AW track last night with some amazing results! Well done Richard. Certainly more to follow!

Today, Saturdays racing rolls around. Obvious warnings about Saturday racing and certainly Dutching/level staking BOTH selections! Certainly an idea to consider the place market today.


12.15 First Experience / Skidby Mill

12.50 Fast Play / Cold Fusion

1.25 Jordans Sport / Kasbah

2.00 Third Time Lucky / Bold Prediction

2.35 Ettu / Fashion Business

3.10 Opinionate / Cloud Dragon

3.40 Gunner Moyne / Shining Romeo


12.20 Poker Play / Fidux fc

12.55 Ericht / Always On the Run

1.30 Alpha Male/ Robinroyale

2.05 Vaniteux / Activial

2.40 Jaleo / Doesyourdogbite

3.15 Volney De Thaix / Kruzhlinin

3.45 Meet the Legend / New Member


12.30 Mount Mews / Creep Desbois

1.05 Rock Gone / Chic Name

1.40 El Massivo / Middlebrow

2.15 Just Cameron / Grey Gold

2.50 Secrete Stream / One for Harry

3.25 Ballybogey / Special Wells

3.55 Cockney Wren / Avealittlepatience


12.40 Starlight Court / Celestial Magic

1.15 Overtown Express / Ut Majeur Aulmes

1.50 Champers On Ice / Mystical Knight

2.25 Lough Derg Leader / Clondaw Cian

3.00 Geordie Des Champs / Gayebury

3.35 Doctor Harper / Houblon Des Obeux / Kaki De La Pree

4.05 Kavemen / Dollnamix


5.45 Sir Lancealot / John Caesar

6.15 Ice Royal / Jack of Diamonds

6.45 Miss Dusky Diva / Yasir

7.15 Dream Farr / Indian Affair

7.45 Dazacam / Gracious John

8.15 Boost / Clanvellyn

8.45 Oberyn / Sentinel

BBOTD: 12.30 Weth – Mount Mews

13th January

Sedgefield called off at 6.30am due to heavy snow but Huntingdon is fit to race - though snow is expected throughout this morning! Best bet of the day, today is not to bet! Poor AW cards and a jumps card that will prove hard going especially given the strong NW wind cutting across the course. Chelmsford was called off due to snow laying on the track yesterday! Yesterdays action saw the BBOTD win again comfortably enough and we enjoyed a few decent winners throughout the day. If I had a choice I wouldnt put up todays ratings, but its not up to me and you are all paying members so here they are but can i stress, that its a day to forget, regardless of results!

If you do bet, please consider BOTH selections today - wouldnt be surprised if more 2nd rated selections perform better than the first rated!


1.00 Willy Rumpus / Tisbutadream

1.30 Elementary / Oberyn

2.00 Illegally Blonde / Yeeoow

2.30 Bithynia  / Snow Squaw

3.00 Dream Love / Heartstone

3.30 Etaad / Caledonia Laird

4.00 Temple Road / Lady Neyf

SEDGEFIELD - Abandoned due to snow


1.20 Wicked Willy / Barkis

1.50 Burbank / Glen Forsa

2.20 Fly Home Harry / Followingbuttons

2.50 Divin Bere / Templier

3.20 OO Seven / Aqua Dude

3.50 Peggies Venture / Hitherjacques Lady


5.45 Socialite Red / Harmonic Wave

6.15 Mr Chuckles / Baileys Pursuit

645 Pivot Bridge / Captain Swift

7.15 Captain Dion / Eljaddaaf rfc

7.45 Zebeel Star / Bamako Du Chatelet

8.15 Sidewinder / Sanches

8.45 Keene's Pointe / Prisom

BBOTD - No selection given - Poor racing, as mentioned above, best bet is not to bet today! I wont even be opening up any of my on line accounts. I am not giving the bookies a penny!


3.00 Ling - Celestial Bay 16/1

3.30 Ling - Polymnia 20/1

7.45 Wol - Handsome Dan 16/1

12th January

BBOTD won easily enough but overall it was a mixed bag with some disappointing results but mixed in some better than expected winners - Goal winning at 7/1sp (was around 9/1 opening) and Little Indian in the first at Kempton at 11/2. We continued to enjoy a few 1-2s and placed efforts, but i thnk the heavy going at Hereford proved too much for some well rated horses - we have 4 meetings today but there is a terrible weather system sweeping across the Country with rain and possibly snow so please be mindful of going changes - remember a key factor is speed rating and if its GS and changes to heavy, then the calculations can often come unstuck. Remember to read Richard's interesting blog pieces on place betting and Dutch recovery as well.

There is now a huge amount of info is now on the site and time spent reading through this before betting could pay dividends. Forum is very busy with tips, ideas, strategies and banter, so lots to take in but well worth the time and effort - Robert had a 4 timer on the greyhounds last night, often scores with his football bets too. So we have Racing, football, greyhound bets aplenty. Importantly as we click round to our 4th year,  these ratings do work and will make you money - patience and having a strategy as well as self discipline are the key!!


12.35 Caprice D' Anglais / Flashman

1.05 Un Prophete / Political Quiz

1.35 Rock of Leon / Howaboutnever

2.10 Ten Sixty / Authorised Too

2.40 Lord Landen / Tommy the Rascal

3.10 Storming Strumpet / Midnight Jade

3.40 Top Ville Ben / Great Tempo


12.50 Giveaway Glance / Norse Magic

1.20Impulsive Star / Notbuttaboy rfc

1.50 Fair Loch / Indian Voyage

2.20 High bridge / Top Tug

2.50 Doing Fine / Straidnahanna

3.20 Big Water / Reilly's Minor

3.50 Italian Riveria / William of Orange


2.00 Tatlisu / Rich Again

2.30 Henry Croft / Summer Collection

3.00 Isharah / River Dart

3.30 Natural Scenery / Barye

4.00 Mums the Word / Nick Vedder

4.30 Steel Train / Holiday Magic

5.00 Gracious John / Mythmaker

CHELMSFORD - Abandoned due to Snow!

5.50 Garter / Baltic Prince

6.25 Alkashaaf / Tailors Row

7.00 Berlusca / Best Example

7.30 Shan Dun Na Ngall  / Tasty Ginger

8.00 Jessica Jo / Rosie Crown

8.30 Louis Vee / Diamond Indulgence

BBOTD: 3.40 Leic - Top Ville Ben

No further selections

11th January

More winners, more placed selections, more 1-2s, 2-3s, 1-3s yesterday even on a relatively non descript day. Lots of positive noises on the Forum and good to see members actively discussing staking methods, betting and general banter. BBOTD was suckered by our 2nd rated who ran really well to win by 6 lengths! The front 2 (both rated) were miles clear of the rest! Sadly the BBOTD just couldnt live with the winner despite prior to the race having superior form and speed rating over the winner! Guess if it was purely mathematical every selection would win! Today we have 4 meetings - icy blast occuring tomorrow and overnight, so up in the air as to how it will affect racing, but I will do my best to keep you up to date.


1.05 Stay out of Court / All Kings

1.35 Bags Groove / Captain Buck

2.10 Qualando / Templestatefloresco

240 Midnight Tour / Resolution Bay rfc

3.10 Mon Parrain / Libitlmso

3.40 Goal / Chief Brody


1.20 New Republic / Bring Back Charlie

1.50 Bucket Street  / Bishop of Bling

2.20 Gino Trail / Ray Vin Black

2.50 Bryden Boy / Jenny's Day

3.20 Monderon / Money Maid

3.50 Lady Karina / Lamanver Odyssey


2.00 Temasek Star/ Genres

2.30 Mesophere / Doctor Bartolo

3.00 Outlaw Torn / Thatsthewaytodoit

3.30 Brittanic / Mr Scaramanga

4.00 Killermont Street / Marquee Club

4.30 Snuggy / Royal Celebration rfc


4.45 Little Indian / Welst Inlet

5.15 Pepita / Almoner

5.45 Thahab Ifraj / Rahmah

6.15 Pretend / Spring Loaded rfc

6.45 Born to Finish / Triple Dream

7.15 Rigoletto / Red Invader

7.45 High Baroque / Ickymasho

BBOTD: 1.35 Tau  - Bags Groove

10th January

BBOTD (whilst short) won like a good thing and highlighted why it was the best rated of the day. Ratings again performed well despite the racing on show and we managed to bag our fair share of winners, with a fair few 1-2s 1-3s and 2-3s, again proving that a high % of rated horses at the very least place! If you havent done so already, please check out our new blog entry regarding place betting and dutch recovery betting. Its worth a read over a coffee and a biscuit.

Today - just the 3 meeting again.


12.15 Englishwoman / Vroom

12.45 Pancake Day / Men United *Bapak Bangsawan live 3rd rated

1.15 Come back King / L'inganno Felice

1.45 Wick Powell / Juan Horsepower

2.20 Mithqaal / Vivat Rex

2.50 Pulsating / Western Prince

3.20 Big Amigo / Treaty of Rome rfc

3.50 Among Angels / Macho Mac


1.00 Label des Obeaux / Casse Tete

1.30 The Nipper / Naranja

2.00 Lord Heathfield / Heroes or ghosts

2.30 Crievehill / May Hay

3.00 Coole Charmer / Top and Drop

3.30 Act Now / Arden Denis

4.00 Barney From Tyanee / Quarry Wizard


2.10 Sea View / Shakeeh

2.40 Lolita / Savannah Beau

3.10 Ominotago / Eurato

3.40 Ardamir / Tangramm

4.10 Captain Courageous / Heads you Win

4.40 Revolutionary War/  Shah of Armaan

5.10 Rebel State / The Magic Pencil

BBOTD: 1.15 South - Come back King


2.20 South - Briardale 18/1

9th January

Reasonable day on Saturday for the Ratings. BBOTD won nicely and we grabbed quite a few decent winners, perhaps the pick being the Heads You Win winner in the 3.30 at Lingfield winning at an sp of 16/1. We continue to clock up impressive %'s of placed horses and a good deal of 1-2s or 2-3s or 1-3s with only a handful of races failing to register any result for us. Worth bearing in mind when considering how to use the ratings.

Thank you to all the continue to contribute, thank you to Richard for his highly successful Irish selections and stepping in on a Sunday to produce UK selections. We really are a 7 day, all bases covered Service!



1.00 Zipple Back / Tree of Liberty

1.30 Hammersley Lake  / Ma Du Fou

2.05 Grand Enterprise / Phare Isle

2.40 Stowaway Magic  / Yorgonnahearmeroar

3.10 I Just Know / Deputy Commander

3.45 Cajun Fiddle/ Graceful Legend


1.15 Wasseem / Bingo George

1.45 Just An Idea / Atlanta Belle

2.15 Miss Tiger Lily / Aurora Gray

2.50 Summer Icon / Make Music

3.20 Eland Ally / Chandresh

3.55 Nurse Nightingale  / Utopian Dream


1.55 Cliff / Kenstone rfc

2.30 My Renaissance / Senor George

3.00 Seven Clans  / Synodic

3.35 Our Channel / Forceful Appeal

4.05 La Vie En Rose / Serenade the Stars

4.35 Peachey Carneham  / Midge Hall

5.05 Palenville / Bint Arcano

BBOTD: 2.40 Donc - Stowaway Magic - quite short, but is best rated today.

8th January - Sunday - No Selections

7th January

BBOTD won nicely. Still looks ahead of its mark. One to follow until it loses?!  Tricky day ahead, its going to be a slog at the jumps meetings. We continue to bag a very high % of placed horses so it really does pay to consider the Place markets on the Exchanges.  Remember, always consider backing BOTH selections but overall, its a Saturday, tacky going, some big fields, so Caution advised!


11.55 Listen to the Money / Catchment

12.30 Forest Bihan / L'aigle Royal

1.00 Oscar Prospect / Redkhalani

1.35 Un Noble / Trickaway

2.10 Island Confusion / Deepsand

2.45 Tambour Major / Cross to Boston

3.20 I'llwalktheline / Princess Mononoke


12.05 Morning Suit / License to Thrill

12.40 Pattie / Traveller

1.10 Tabla / Billyoakes

1.45 Fort Bastion / Van Huysen

2.20 Realise / Alfred Hutchinson

2.55 Dark Destroyer /Jack Flash

3.30 Mercy Me / Heads You Win


12.10 Coeur De Lion / Don Bersy

12.45 Lifeboat Mona / Desert Queen

1.15 Mystifiable / All Together

1.50 Hollywoodien / Da Faothesdream

2.25 Captaine / Charlemar

3.00 Rocky Creek  / Dynaste *Shuil Royal similar rated to D

3.35 Discours D'Un Roi / Robinshill


12.55 Lillington / Miracle Cure

1.30 Sonoftheking / Captain McGinley

2.05 Fox Appeal / Some Buckle

2.40 Wild West Wind / Bagging Turf

3.15 Above Board / Roadie Joe

3.50 Anchor Man / Catamaran Du Seuil


5.45 Frivolous Prince / Weardiditallgorong

6.15 Cambodia / Dakota City

6.45 Deflera Lad / Menelik

7.15 Hold Hands / Jazri

7.45 Chupalla / Visionary

8.15 Gentleman Giles / Champagne Queen

8.45 Kericumin / Mountain Angel

BBOTD: 12.05 Ling - Morning Suit

No further bets

6th January

A reasonable day yesterday with around a 50% haul in winners from the races that went ahead, though the BBOTD lost for the second time this week which wasnt so great! We again lose a meeting to the frost - why they dont invest in frost covers is beyond me - surely the sport could come together and make sure all turf courses have access to such basic things? Extremely frustrating!


12.35 Bob's Boys / Dusty Raven

1.05 Happy Diva / Two Swallows

1.35 What a Moment / Mustmeetalady

2.10 Westend Story / Lakeside Castle

2.40 Amber Gambler / Best Served Cold

3.10 Espoir De Teillee / Hogan's Heights

3.40 Cirano De Sivola / Glittering Love

LUDLOW - cancelled due to Frost


2.00 Burauq / Clever Divya(nr) Multi Quest (3rd rated)

2.30 Still Waiting / Av a Word

3.00 Coral Clan / Gracious George

3.30 The Blue Master / Condamine

4.00 Mystikana / Spin Point

4.30 Steelriver / Florencio

5.00 Pretty Bubbles / Calypso Choir


5.45 Temple Road/ Dream of Glory

6.15 Circulate / India Jane

6.45 Somethingthrilling / Gleaming Girl

7.15 Yasir / Lineman

7.45 Absolute Blast / Daisy Bere

8.15 Global Revival / Lorrikeet

BBOTD: 2.40 Wetherby - Amber Gambler


3.30 Kemp - Seaborn 66/1 (Bet365) (Careful though, only 7 runners!!!)

No further bets today.

5th January

Sadly Lingfields jump card has succumbed to the frost so we're left with 3 AW meetings. Again, caution advised today due to nature of races, the fact its AW (same old horses competing against same old horses but on slightly different marks and from slightly different draws ridden by slightly different Jockey's) all make for inconsistent results at times.

Lots of really good discussion about strategy, profit targets and stop loss limits. I bang on about this all the time and cant stress the importance of this and sticking with a strategy for at least 3-4 weeks before assessing its viability. If you're ultimate aim is £5 a point, try it at 50p a point whilst you assess the strengths and weaknesses. Long term these ratings do work and will provide you with a decent profit but you also have to put in some time and effort and have patience and discipline. We're the best Ratings Service out there on shear wins/place %.

Yesterday we enjoyed plenty of winners and again it highlights the need to consider Dutching/level staking BOTH selections! Plenty of 6/1+ winners making it hugely viable and profitable. Sadly the BBOTD couldnt beat the 2nd rated yesterday running well below his previous RPR - ground may have been a issue?!

Keep the debate going on the forum - swap ideas, results and together we'll help one another make a few ££ - which after all is the number 1 aim of us all!!


12.35 Mr Morse / Essenaitch

1.05 Playful Dude / Einstein

1.35 Arcane Dancer / Powered

2.10 Paladin / Brideys Lettuce

2.40 Captain Lars  / dungannon

3.10 Ascot Day / Things Happen

3.40 Magic Journey / Fairy Lock


2.00 Spiritoftomintoul/ Elusive Cowboy

2.30 Moonshine Dancer / Exquisite Ruby

3.00 School Run   / Blue Bahia

3.30 Tranquil Daze / In the Spotlight

4.00 Dandy Flame / Shabeeh

4.30 Dynamo Walt ~(nr)/ Foxy Forever / Seve

5.00 Born to Finish / Kyllach Me


5.45 Loyalty / Russian Radiance

6.15 Cotton Club / Percy Veer

6.45 Lancelot Du Lac / Bosham

7.15 Secret Bird / Excellent Aim

7.45 Draw Swords / Speedo boy

8.15 Hakam / Firmdecisions

BBOTD: 3.00 Wolves - School Run


1.35 South - Spryt 16/1

4th January

Hereford goes ahead, so we have 4 meetings to look forward to. Yesterdays results, sadly, couldnt match Monday's but the BBOTD was a good winner for us and we still managed a few winners. Place backers were best rewarded with over 50% of the selections placing 3rd or better. You wont be a millionaire over night place backing but it does look a profitable angle for the Ratings if you are prepared to look long term.

another day to consider Dutching/level stake betting on both selections or to use the place market.


12.55 Violets Girl / Young Lou

1.25 Miss Night Owl / Canoodle

1.55 Charamix / Dig Deeper

2.25 Working Title / Lake Chapala

2.55 Jameson / Keepers Hill rfc

3.25 Strong Pursuit / Sandymount fc

3.55 Peruvien Bleu / Matchaway


1.10 Dreaming of Paris / La Guapita

1.45 Ruby Wednesday / Robben

2.15 Dutch Uncle / Starlit Cantata

2.45 Ribbing / Rebel State

3.15 Cape Discovery / Petite Jack

3.45 Macksville  / Karam Albaari


1.35 Dubaitwentytwenty / Oxford Thinking

2.05 Cajmere / Erissmus Maximus

2.35 Bollinhope / All You

3.05 Constantino / Chavallier

3,35 Rock Warbler / Miss Goldsmith

4.05 Fredricka / Tailwind


4.15 Synodic / Nochalant

4.45 Right Rebel / Roman Du Brut

5.15 Auberge Du Lac / Special Relations

5.45 With Pleasure / Dana's Present

6.15 Rebel Lightning / East Coast Lady

6.45 Athassel  / Zed Candy Girl

7.15 Menelik / Club House

BBOTD: 2.55 Hereford - Jameson

No Further Bets

3rd January

Decent results yesterday - goes to show how good the ratings can be even on a dire days racing!! Healthy return on both selections in most races. BBOTD also won at 11/8! Today the racing is just as dire as yesterday so we'll see how the Ratings fare!


12.30 Stipulate / Lsuis Naturea

1.00 Fattsota / Golden Town

1.30 Formidableopponent / Golden Investment

2.00 Grexit / Stone Quercus

2.30 Shotofwine / Bracing

3.00 Mixboy /Fair Loch

3.30 Booyakasha / Arakhan


1.15 Pithivier/  The Horsechestnut

1.45 Buttercup / Clondaw Draft

2.20 War Creation / Im a Game Changer

2.50 Becauseshesaidso / Scooby

3.20 Dingo Dollar / Zerachiel

3.50 La Cava Nostra/ Celebre D'allen


2.10 Glorious Politics / School Run

2.40 Medicine Hat/  Wordiness

3.10 Diamond Kut / Fastnet Blast

3.40 Go George Go / Woodacre

4.10 Dr Julius No / Monticello

4.40 Roller/  Inaam

5.10 Poyle Vinnie /  Gentleman

BBOTD: 1.00 Muss - Fattsota

No further bets

2nd January

Some good racing yesterday for New Years Day and we managed to grab a few winners - Thanks to Richard for also providing his full ratings and matched ratings. Todays racing is in one word "awful" 3 dire meetings and a hang over from yesterdays racing. Avoid or lower stakes to minimise potential losses.  If deciding to bet, please consider betting BOTH selections either Dutching / level stakes/ Place betting!


12.10 Canadian Diamond / Our Little Sister

12.40 Bonjour Steve / Treaty of Rome

1.10 Big Amigo / Fortinbrass

1.40 Piazon / Richter Scale

2.10 Ominotago / Vision of Beauty

2.40 Regarde Moi / Hail Clodus

3.10 War Department / Westwood Hoe

3.40 Basingstoke / Lmntrix


12.30 King of Fashion / Strong Economy

1.00 Rocklim / Plus Jamais

1.30 Little Bruce / Achill Road Boy

2.00 Nortonthorpelegend / Newtown Lad

2.30 Desert Cry / Isaactown Lad

3.00 Casual Cavalier / Sky Full of Stars

3.30 Donna's Delight / Thomas Do


12.50 Action Replay / Count Meribel

1.20 Laissez Dire / Starchitect

1.50 No Comment / Minella Awards

2.20 Ding Ding / Moon Trip

2.50 Mysteree / Sartorial Elegance

3.20 John's Luck / Ray Diamond

3.50 Shimba Hills / Orthodox Lad

BBOTD: 12.30 Ayr - King of Fashion

1st January

Happy New Year! I hope you aren't nursing a sore head! Its Sunday and generally I don't post on Sundays so here's keeping my fingers crossed we have a good day! Remember to consider Dutching/level stake/place bet BOTH selections.


12.05 Zamdradee  / Cool Echo

12.35 Things Happen / Jetsetter

1.10 An Fear Ciuin / Tattling

1.45 Show Daisy / Meadway

2.20 Philba / Captain Revelation

2.55 Anton  Chigurh / Gatillo

3.30 Shearian / Playful Dude


12.15 Pingshou / Minotaur

12.50 Arpege D'alane / Vyta Du Rock

1.25 Clan Des Obeux / OO Seven

2.00 Village Vic /Quite By Chance

2.35 Whataknight / Fingal Bay

3.10 lil Rockerfeller / Cole Harden

3.40 Cap Soleil / Shearling


12.25 Sam Spinner / Master of Irony  rfc

1.00 Helium / Leading Score

1.35 Premier Bond / Jimmy the Jet Plane

2.10 The Bay Oak / Good Tradition

2.45 Discoverie / Future Gilded

3.20 Snapping Turtle / Miss Barbossa


12.30 Costafiore / Warp Factor

1.05 St John Point/ Apache Prince

1.40 Cold March / Germany Calling

2.15 Big River / Very First Time

2.50 Superb Story / Mirsaale

3.25 Dominada / Stoneham


12.40 Neon Wolf / Touch Kick

1.15 Kayf Blanco / Far West

1.50 Air Horse One / Keating

2.25 Zanstra / Ballinvarrig

3.00 Roinsfirth / Theo's Charm

3.30 You Say What / Catching On

4.00 Cristal De Sienne / Beni Light


12.45 Rathealy / Bowdlers Magic

1.20 Amber Gambler / The Jugopolist

1.55 Djarkalim / Iconic Sky

2.30 Abbeygrey / Shinooki

3.05 Artifice Sivola / Marquis of Carabas

3.35 Arctic Ben / Troufion

No BBOTD or other selections today. Just ratings provided today.