As promised, here is how I made +£75 this week from the TPS Ratings!!


I sent you an email this morning saying that I was going to make
a steady £15 profit everyday this week by using a simple
strategy combined with the TPS Ratings.

Well I have just collected my profit for today, and here is how to do it......

I have been 'dutching' the 1st and 2nd rated horse, starting with the first
race of the day, here are the rules:

Set my daily target of £15

1) Skip the race if one of the top 2 rated is a non runner
2) Skip the race if one of the horses is 'odds on'
3) split your stake with the intention of winning your profit target regardless of which horse wins
4) If they both lose, repeat for the next race but this time you add the losses from the previous races!


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17th July
Race 1 - 5/4 & 7/1 LOST
Race 2 - NR No bet
Race 3 - NR No bet
Race 4 6/5 & 11/2 LOST
Race 5 - 100/30 & 9/2 LOST
Race 6 - 2/1 WINNER +£166.41
Overal profit on the day = £15

18th July
Race 1 - 2/1 WINNER +£15

19th July
Race 1 - 4/5 (I actually got Evens prior to the race so this counted for me)
WON +£15

20th July
Race 1 - 9/4 WINNER +£15

21t July
Race 1 - 4/1 WINNER +£15

So there you have it, a very simple strategy that bagged me +£75 using modest stakes.

Obviously you can set your daily target higher, but I used £15 as its a comfortable amount for most people

I used a bank of £500 but did not risk anywhere near this amount. the first day was the biggest liabilty day as the bet did not win until the 4th qualifying race.

Stop Loss:
I highly recommend you use a stop loss, it's really up to you where you set it.


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