Strategy 3:  

'TR' Place 5 Races

Overall strategy


Employing the TPS Top Rated Selections in either the first 5 or first 10 races  each day and BACKED to Place at Betfair Starting Price (BSP).

This Strategy is designed to play a sequence of bets until an overall win or profit is achieved, each time we encounter a losing bet the next stake is increased by 8% and this increase continues for each bet until the overall win in the sequence is achieved.


Once the overall gain is achieved the sequence stops and Ideally another begins at the starting stake and so on. (you could if you choose to simply stop for the day if a profitable sequence is achieved.


In the case of the daily roster (5 or 10 bets whichever strategy you decide to use), finishing without concluding a winning sequence, continue the bets the next day (or when ever you are able) following on from where we finished on the staking plan.


The real benefit with this strategy is the longer the conclusion takes, the higher the stakes become, but because this is based on PLACE betting the strike rate is high (TOP RATED TPS selections average around 50% SR) which means the overall sequence deficit in an in-concluded run is considerably reduced by the frequent place wins along the way. Therefore normally by the time the 'OVERALL' winning bet occurs the raised stakes yield an 'enhanced profit'.


I recommend a working bank (for our proofing we use £1000 but you should use whatever you are comfortable with) and a reserve bank of the same value to begin with. My first stake began at therefore began at £7.50 (0.75% of the starting working bank of £1000), each stake then rises by 8% until an overall profit is achieved in the sequence.


Each time I achieve a concluded winning sequence I deposit 20% of the profit (or 1/5th) into the working bank, This is used to raise the stakes for the starting stake for the next sequnce. In other words the new starting stake for the next sequence will be 0.75% of the working bank which will now be £1000 plus 20% of the previous sequence gain.  The remainder (80%) of the winning sequence profit is deposited into the Reserve Bank, so in practise the further we go the safer we become.


This is the way I manage the strategy and is exactly reflected in the proofed results.


I am currently working on producing a 'staking/banking model to automate the staking plan, but right now I calculate as I go.


Summary - use either 10 or 5 race strategy or both whichever suits you.

Select the Top Rated in each race and back to Place.

Starting Stake = 0.75% of the Working Bank.

Next stake/s +8% of the previous stake until you make a sequence profit.

After a Sequence win either stop for the day or start a new sequ

If you finish the daily rosta without concluding a winning sequence, simply continue the next day or the next day when you are able to bet. Remember continue on the staking progression until you conclude an overall winning sequence.

After concluding a winning sequence add 20% of the winnings to the working bank and add the remainder to a reserve bank. Reset the new starting stake to 0.75% of the new working bank total.