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What Are TPS Ratings

Welcome to The Professional syndicate Race Card Ratings. If you are looking for a profitable approach to Horse racing then you have come to the right place. We provide the best horse racing ratings online! We offer our carefully selected Speed Ratings each day for all UK meetings. These ratings are devised from our complex and highly sophisticated selection process, we use a number of factors to give each horse a speed rating.

We have been using our own ratings to profit from horse racing for the last 4 years! and now we have the pleasure of letting others benefit from our hard work. When you sign up to the TPS ratings you can be assured that you are getting the best ratings service online.

Don't underestimate time!

Follow our speed ratings and gain that all important edge over your fellow punters. You see, many people discard the fact that time plays an important role in selecting a winning bet. Yes we can look at trainers, jockeys, ground and weight. But the Stop watch never lies and its on this basis that we produce our selections. We also incorporate all of the other factors into our ratings to produce an overall analysis of each horse. Our ratings are unique and accurate. There are a number of ways in which you can take advantage of our ratings and we will reveal our most profitable methods in the members area.

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The TPS service originated from the BetInfo24 blog where myself (Matt) posted my ratings for free for 1 month for all to see.

A whopping 509 winners during our 1 month Free Trial

Winners included: 33/1... 25/1... 20/1... 16/1...14/1

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Whats Included:

- Our Top 2 rated horses for every race, 7 days a week!!

- Our Best bet of the day which is proving extremely profitable!

- Our special forecast bets as and when we find them!

- Access to our discussion forum in the members area

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We have developed a number of successful strategies that work hand in hand with our daily ratings. You can see FULL results of all strategies on our results page

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The Professional Syndicate
If you are an enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport of the kings but haven’t been very fortunate when betting so far, then you have come to the right place. It is time that you profit from your hobby by using the best horse racing cards available online. We have the best horse racing system in the country and we are ready to help you with speed ratings as well as today’s horse racing betting.

The Professional Syndicate provides horse racing rating services and enables you to get the best horse bet of the day. We offer professional racing tips and help you bet on the best horse in today’s horse race. On top of all that, our detailed race cards will be your ultimate guide for winning.

The Leading Horse Racing Ratings Service In The Country!
Making successful horse race selections is not an easy task to do. There are plenty of factors involved in the process which requires careful consideration and many hours in order to reach a bet winning conclusion.


With our carefully designed system, we determine horse racing speed and thus, we are able to predict the best possible chances of winning. We have a very unique and complex approach not offered elsewhere in the country in order to provide you with the numbers you need to safely place a bet. We are professional horse racing tipsters who work hard to help our members always remain one step ahead.

What Are TPS Ratings?
The Professional Syndicate Race Card Ratings invests quite a lot of time in providing carefully selected Speed Ratings every single day for UK meetings and not only that, we offer the best horse racing ratings online!

Our betting syndicate has a very complex and highly sophisticated selection process, to give each horse a speed rating, thus, enabling you to gain huge amounts of money. We use a number of factors to make the final selection and choose the top-rated horses every day.
As time plays a significant role in selecting a winning bet, we focus on this factor to provide you with the best of each day’s horse racing cards as well as betting tips available in the country. We offer accurate horse tips every day to help you bet in a clever and safe way.

However, we do not neglect other factors relevant to making a successful selection of the winners of today’s horse race. Our race cards are carefully examined by looking at trainers, jockeys, ground and weight, as well, to produce an overall analysis of each horse. We take pride in our accurate ratings, which give our members a huge advantage compared to other punters and similar services.

Does It Really Work?
The Professional Syndicate originated from the BetInfo24 blog where our ratings were posted for free for one month, so that anyone could benefit from our horse racing tips during this free trial. During this first month, an amazing 509 winners were able to profit from our horse racing cards and tips.

We do not waste your time - we have been using our own ratings for the past 4 years and we have proven the success of our horse racing bet of the day system. Now it is your turn to benefit from our horserace cards and find out what the best horse racing bets are today! By following our speed ratings, you will be one step ahead of your fellow punters.

What Does The Offer Include?
The Professional Syndicate offers a unique service which includes:


  • Our Top 2 rated horses for every race, 7 days a week
  • The best bet of the day, which has been proven to be extremely profitable
  • A Secret strategy that helps you win money every day
  • A dedicated members forum
  • A free NH Banker System bet system for 2016

What Is A 90-minute Strategy?
The most frequent question we hear is “What is the best way to use race cards today and secure a regular profit?” The good news is, there is not a single strategy to use for our horse racing tips to win a lot of money.


But, there is a number of strategies you can apply to make this successful. However, one of them is extremely successful and has proven to achieve great results. The ultimate winning strategy you can use to earn money every day is called a 90-minute strategy.  We have also added a number of other profitable strategies which are showing excellent returns. Our results page outlines the monthly profits being generated.