Jason's Dutching Strategy

Bank up to £2k per Month With This Simple Strategy!

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Thank you for checking out our 'Dutching' strategy. This strategy is extremely simple to use and produces very good profits as you have probably seen from our results page!

Well I have just collected my profit for today, and here is how to do it......

I have been 'dutching' the 1st and 2nd rated horse, starting with the first
race of the day, here are the rules:

Set my daily target, i.e £10. £20, £50 or whatever you are comfortable with.

1) Skip the race if one of the top 2 rated is a non runner
2) Skip the race if one of the horses is 'odds on'
3) split your stake with the intention of winning your profit target regardless of which horse wins (there are lots of handy calculators that will work this out for you)
4) If they both lose, repeat for the next race but this time you add the losses from the previous races!

5) We stop after 5 consecutive losses or 15% of bank is gone.

Usually there is a winner within the first few races which ensures us a guaranteed profit on the day.

What is 'Dutching' and How Do I do It?

For those of you who are not familiar with Dutching, then basically Dutching means to bet on more than 1 horse in the same race, then calculate your stake so that if any of your horses win, you make a profit!

In our case, this Dutching strategy involves backing 2 horses in the same race, in fact its the TPS Ratings top 2 rated horses.

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