Strategy 2:

2NdR Place LAY's (4 Max Odds)

Overall strategy


Employing the TPS 2nd Rated Selections Lay all under 4 BSP.

This Strategy is designed to play a sequence of bets until an overall profit is achieved, each time we encounter a losing bet the next stake in the staking plan is placed on the next Lay bet, continue increasing the stakes for each bet until the overall win in the sequence is achieved.


Staking Plan is shown on the results page for this strategy.

In the proofing shown we began with £500 working bank and £1500 reserve bank, but we do not envisage using the reserve bank unless we encounter a run that we have not observed nor anything near to date.

The gearing for this staking began at 0-001% of the staring bank of £500 which mean't the first stake was just £0.50p the next staking increments in a loosing sequence would be as per 2nd stake below:-


1st Stake = 0.001% of £500 = £0.50

2nd   Stake = Stake 1  * 2.20

3rd   Stake = Stake 2  * 2.25

4th   Stake = Stake 3  * 1.33

5th   Stake = Stake 4  * 1.33

6th   Stake = stake 5  * 1.33

7th   Stake = Stake 6  * 1.33

8th   Stake = Stake 7  * 1.32

9th   Stake = Stake 8  * 1.28

10th  Stake = Stake 9  * 1.25

11th  Stake = Stake 10 * 1.24

12th  Stake = Stake 11 * 1.24

13th  Stake = Stake 12 * 1.23

14th  Stake = Stake 13 * 1.22

15th  Stake = Stake 14 * 1.22

16th  Stake = Stake 15 * 1.21

17th  Stake = Stake 16 * 1.21

18th  Stake = Stake 17 * 1.19

19th  Stake = Stake 18 * 1.18

20th  Stake = Stake 19 * 1.17

21st  Stake = Stake 20 * 1.16

22nd  Stake = Stake 21 * 1.15

23rd  Stake = Stake 22 * 1.14

24th  Stake = Stake 23 * 1.13

25th  Stake = Stake 24 * 1.12

26th  Stake = Stake 19 * 1.11

27st  Stake = Stake 20 * 1.10

28nd  Stake = Stake 21 * 1.09

29rd  Stake = Stake 22 * 1.08

30th  Stake = Stake 24 * 1.07


You will very rarely ever need all these stakes but even if you need to go half way the actual loses in the sequence will be reduced by some winning (in our case losing Lay Bets) So far I have never been uncomfortable during even the worst runs I have experienced.


Once the overall gain is achieved the sequence stops and Ideally another begins at the starting stake and so on. (you could if you choose to simply stop for the day if a profitable sequence is achieved.


In the case of the daily roster, finishing without concluding a winning sequence, continue the bets the next day (or when ever you are able) following on from where we finished on the staking plan.


The real benefit with this strategy is the longer the conclusion takes, the higher the stakes become, but because this is based on Lay betting the strike rate is reasonably high, which means the overall sequence deficit in an in-concluded run is considerably reduced by the frequent Lay's (or loosing Bets) along the way. Therefore normally by the time the 'OVERALL' winning bet occurs the raised stakes yield an 'enhanced profit'.


I recommend a working bank (for our proofing we use £500) but you should use whatever you are comfortable with) and a reserve bank of three times the start bank (£1500)to begin with. My first stake began at £0.50 (or 0.001% of the working bank of £500), each stake then rise as shown in the staking plan until an overall profit is achieved in the sequence.


Although the first stake is very small the compounding factor still allows very good long term growth, in fact the first month produced well over 60% growth on the start bank, so 60% growth month on month would be VERY rewarding as we continually add the profits and grow the stakes slowly and surely.


In fact the early proofed records show over £830 profit in just six weeks, and that's from a starting working bank of £500.


Each time I achieve a concluded winning sequence, I share the profits between the working bank, which compounds the staking plan, and the reserve bank which builds up to provide us with additional 'INSURANCE' should we encounter any difficult runs.


This is the way I manage the strategy and is exactly reflected in the proofed results.