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FULL Results

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This new format was only introduced in September so results will run from then.... the table will be updated regularly

Total Profit for September was £1407.95 

Total Profit for October was £2180.77

Total Profit for November was £2396.26

At TPS Ratings we provide our top 2 rated horses for every race. You can see a break down of results for ALL selections

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V.I.P Service Results 


7/10/17Old Persion8/11WON£365.66£1749.37
12/10/17Pretty Baby4/7WON£285.71£3310.08
16/10/17Marine James8/11WON£363.66£3673.74
23/10/17Desert Ace4/7Lost-£500£2673.74
26/10/17Donnas Delight8/11WON£363.66£3237.40
27/10/17Brillare Momento11/10WON£550£3787.40
30/10/17Mining Rocks10/11Lost-£500£3287.40
4/11/17La Rogue Aurio 11/10WON£550£4037.40
6/11/17Sky Pirate4/7Lost-£500£3537.40
8/11/17Ebitda 6/5WON£600.60£4423.71
10/11/17Shouton Magic4/7Lost-£500£3923.71
14/11/17Cause Toujours 5/6Lost-£500£3787.37
15/11/17If the lap fits4/6WON£333.33£3620.70
20/11/17Old Harry rocks4/11WON £181.82£3802.52
22/11/17Western Ryder8/13WON£307.69£4360.21
24/11/17Funge el path8/13Lost-£500£3860.21
30/11/17Diesse des bieffes4/7WON£285.72£4145.93
30/11/17Brams de clearmont 4/6WON£333.33£4479.26

Here are the results of the 1 month free trial we ran on BetInfo24:


During April We gave a 1 month Free Trial on the BetInfo24 Forum. Here are the results. You can look back at all of the results and comments on their which proves this really is a genuinely profitable service.

Between the period of 28th March - 6th May

We give the top 2 rated horses for each race:

Rated 1 

1sts: 341
2nd: 150
3rd: 82


Rated 2

1sts: 168
2nds 208
3rds 101

So in just over a month the system produced:

509 winners
358 2nds
183 3rds

TOTAL 1050 win/placed selections

Biggest priced winners were 33/1, 25/1, 20/1 16/1 and a range of 14/1-8/1

If putting 1 point win/place on all the rated 1 and 2 selections you received a return a whopping 1050 times and if placing win only bets on the two selections you would have won 509 times from 1193 races: which is a  43% strike rate and with the average odds at 3.87/1  you would have returned a profit of 1969.83 which is an overall profit of 776.83 points to a 1 point staked over the trial period  1969.83 minus 1193 races.

'Selections were also placed 840 times at av odds of 5.28/1'

On Average the system produced 4 winners per race meeting  (509/1193 races at 4.26 winners) and 7 placed  horses (840/1193 at 7.04)


Best Bet Of The Day

The Best bet of the Day included a 22.6/1 RFC and  from 15 selections 10 returned a profit (66% strike rate)

At fishers cross 6/4
Flashlight 7/4
Pethers moon 7/4
Fennell Bay 9/4
Golden Game 25/1
Art of racing 2/1
Rockalong 7/2
Frozen Over advised ew placed at 9/2
St Thomas  15/8

If you find that the Top rated selections is too much for you, then the Best Bet of The Day is Ideal and extremely profitable!

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