Including Results from all of our strategies + Daily Ratings results 

Results from our 2 'Proven' strategies

We have tried and tested many different strategies to use along side our daily ratings. We have come up with the 2 most profitable. Below you will find FULL results for each strategy.

Av Monthly Profits:


Last 3 Months Profits:


Return on Investment


How The Strategies Are Performing Individually Over Time

(Over £20,000 Profit In 2018)

  • Jason Dutching Strategy
  • Lay 2nd P 4 Strategy


Lay 2nd P4


Average Monthly Profit £1233

Total Profit Since Dec 2017 £11,210

Daily Strike Rate 77%

R.O.I 21%


Jason Dutch


Average Monthly Profit £772

Total Profit Since Sep 2017 £9756

Daily Strike Rate 86%

R.O.I 14%

FULL Individual Ratings results


If you want to see the individual results of every race then please use the button below. These are very detailed results. From the left hand side you will see the date, time and meeting, alog with the horse, the price and results. To the right of each day you will see a summary and totals for the day, including the number of selections, winners, % of places and average odds.

These are very detailed results and are an excellent guide for anybody looking to employ their own strategy.


Our Full daily results start from Sep 2017


CLICK the button below then click > 'Daily Rosta + Results' at the bottom of the spreadsheet