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    Best bets today are

    2.15 Ch Spud
    2.25 D Havana Grey
    3.00 D Time to study
    3.25 Ch Nathan
    5.05 Ch Key bid

    Good luck to everybody


    Best bets today are

    1.30 E Lifeboat
    4.15 E Masarzain
    4.30 Ch Meyandi
    5.10 H Cash Again

    I also have Presented in the 5.40 @ H as a selection but not matched.

    Good luck everybody.


    Best bets today are:

    2.20 D Demons Rock
    4.10 C Ann without an E
    7.15 K Romina (going against BBOTD)

    I also have Cool Sky at top of my lists but not matched.

    Good luck everybody.



    Robert thank you ,its just not showing my filters at all . must go see why


    Robert Byrne

    Hi Carl.
    I rated Joys Delight on 104pts and the next rated I got Starboard Watch 97pts followed by Amazing Grace 92pts


    Richard Levett

    Carl – Joys Delight has been running really well over 7f at Wolverhampton and is tipped heavily! RP rate it (but what do they know!!!)



    James can I pick your brain pls ?
    For me joys delight has raced 6 x in this going won zero 6 x in the class won zero
    6x this distance won zero and once in this field won zero !
    Is there a parameter I’m missing cos even though the rest of field is no better I can’t see what makes it “stand out”?

    Not saying it won’t romp home ,your selection are proven stuff as far as I’m concerned ,I can see why you picked ornate just can’t figure out joys delight? .


    Only two for me today that really standout
    They are:

    5.25 L Ornate
    8.45 N Joys Delight

    Good luck to everyone.



    James, BBOTD tomorrow is in my method bets and I’m sad to say I’m on an 11 losers run {sweating]


    Phew! Good job I stuck to my gut instinct with a little persuasion from carl and did Coole Cody!! Profit secured.

    BBOTD – Wow! There’s been some shockers recently. I actually dread the BBOTD matching with one of my selections now! Shocking!



    James I’m liking coole Cody 👍


    Morning all.

    Best bets for today are:

    4.15 NA Quadriller
    5.05 P Boris Grishenko
    5.25 B World Record

    I also had Coole Cody included 2.15 at NA but not matched by ratings.

    Good luck everybody.


    stan jones

    Sorry only two are match my list isb
    2.10 soliloquy
    2.15 travel card
    2.40 fabulous red
    4.15 mister universe
    5.15 barwell
    5.45 storm over


    stan jones

    James all three in my system selection


    Today’s best bets to continue the good run are

    1.20 H Time Chaser
    2.10 A Soliloquy
    4.15 S Mister Universum

    Good luck

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 742 total)

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